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Submission + - Want to go to Israel? Leave your iPad at home ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: In fact, if you own an iPad and are planning to travel to the holy land anytime soon, you’d be well advised to leave the iPad at home, lest Israeli authorities confiscate it for not being compliant with the country’s wireless network standard.
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Submission + - Is Internet Porn Creating a Damaged Generation? 6

Hugh Pickens writes: "Dr. Terri Apter writes in the Independent that estimates are that 12 per cent of five- to seven-year-olds and 16 per cent of eight- to 17-year-olds have unintentionally stumbled onto some of the estimated 250 million pages of pornography on the internet, while 38 per cent of older teens admit to seeking out such sites. And what they find is a far cry from the magazines their parents might have stashed under their mattresses when they were teens writes Apter adding that a passing curiosity may be easily satisfied and the interest abandoned but that sexual images have a special vividness and power and may become addictive. The Witherspoon report makes it clear that countless women — and increasingly many men — have experienced the devastating effects of pornography addiction on their marriages and a report from NPR by an anonymous psychologist reports how her marriage was destroyed by her husband's addiction which began when he was about 10 years old and which she characterizes as "a drug so powerful it can destroy a family simply by distorting a man's perception of his wife and so lethal it may have the potential to render an entire generation incapable of forming lasting marriages." "Countless women — and increasingly many men — have experienced the devastating effects of their spouse's pornography use," writes the author. "Countless more will experience it in the future. It is our obligation as a nation to pursue the truth for their sake, no matter how inconvenient for some the verdict may be.""

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