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Comment Re:Easy Solution (Score 1) 266

Of course, debt collectors never go after the wrong people and they never make mistakes. Wait until you get harassed by a debt collection agency for a debt you don't owe then let's see if you spew out the same 'advice.' And yes, it's happened to me. I eventually cleared my name but it was a pain in the ass.

Comment Re:The trend on Nintendo Consoles (Score 1) 249

But the shovelware titles are the best-selling. According to, Imagine: Babyz and Imagine: Fashion Designer have each sold nearly 3 million copies each. Compare that to the sales of some of the highest-rated DS games:

Fire Emblem - Shadow Dragon: 480,000
Final Fantasy Tactics A2 - Grimoire of the Rift: 640,000
Castlevania - Dawn of Sorrow: 340,000

Store shelves are stocked with shovelware for one reason: they sell. Heck, for years people were whining about the lack of 'adult' games for the DS, then Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (excellent game, BTW) was finally released. The game sold so poorly it's been ported to the iPhone and PSP to help recoup development costs.

The Final Fantasy IV DS remake only sold 1.04 million copies. If more people actually bought the quality DS titles, we would see more of them. Vote with your wallet!

Comment Re:DS Improvements a good thing (Score 1) 187

Agreed. I own a DS Lite as well as a 'slim' PSP, but despite it's inferior specs, I enjoy the DS more. The problem is, many people think the DS has nothing more than My Little Pony and Dora the Explorer games, but if you dig past the kiddy games and shovelware, the system has a fantastic library. You have the excellent 2D games (Mega Man ZX, New Super Mario Bros, the 3 Castlevanias and Contra 4), old-school RPGs (Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Dark Spire, Ys, Black Sigil, the upcoming new Golden Sun), puzzlers (Professor Layton), and so on.
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Submission + - ESR Gives up on Fedora

tmc4inphilly writes: Eric S. Raymond's frustration with Fedora reach a breaking point that resulted a letter that he sent to a number of Linux-related publications and mailing lists. "After thirteen years as a loyal Red Hat and Fedora user, I reached my limit today, when an attempt to upgrade one package pitched me into a four-hour marathon of dependency chasing, at the end of which an attempt to get around a trivial file conflict rendered my system unusable."

Submission + - Junk Faxes

olddoc writes: I am having a growing problem with junk faxes. Unlike email, it costs me money when I get a fax so junk faxes really tick me off. A while ago, I gave my number to a removal number and now I am getting more junk faxes than ever! Does anyone know how to make them pay? What devious methods can I use to get even? Can I sign up for a phone number that will drive up their costs when I call the toll free removal number? What have other readers done?

Submission + - What's missing from Vista's "official apps"

PetManimal writes: "Microsoft has just released a list of 800 applications it says are "officially supported" on Windows Vista. What's special about this list, however, are the programs that are not included:

Popular Windows software that is conspicuously missing from Microsoft's list includes Adobe Systems Inc.'s entire line of graphics and multimedia software, Symantec Corp.'s security products, as well as the Mozilla Foundation's open-source Firefox Web browser, Skype Ltd.'s free voice-over-IP software and the alternative to Microsoft Office
Another area in which Vista has found to be lacking is gaming, as discussed earlier on Slashdot."

Submission + - Can we stop illegal sharing without DRM?

hrensgory writes: "It's clear that the DRM is more a plague than a solution. However, illegal copying of digital content is also a real problem. Other day I was thinking about if there are some ways of decreasing initiative of illegal sharing, without hindering any legal use of digital content. As result, I've put some of my thought in this blog post:,guid,55481ae 6-1850-46e4-a9cb-8a72e6ea4ecf.aspx. May be it is a naïve or stupid idea... but I just thought that it could also be something interesting in there."

Submission + - Sony steals PGR3 images to promote Gran Turismo HD

greenrom writes: "On Sony's PSP connect site there's an ad for Sony's new Gran Turismo HD trailer. Only the image Sony used for the ad is actually this one from Project Gotham Racing 3 — an exclusive title for the Xbox 360. It appears that Sony has corrected the mistake, but the original images can be found on Flickr. Xbox360fanboy has details of the screw-up."

Submission + - Swapping your video games

midjam writes: "How many of you have gone into a game store with your console games to trade them in? I know I have often, and every time I walk in the games store I walk out feeling like I've been ripped off. The trade price you get back from your games is a joke. They sell the games to you for say £49.99 but if you where to trade them in the next day you would probably get around £20.99. For this reason I have created a free video game swapping forum, you can add your unwanted games and see if anyone has a game you would like to swap. It is only in the UK as I hope to get enough people so you do not have to post your games, you could just find someone in your area and trade in person. It's been running for around 2 weeks now and things have been going great, 63 members and growing. The response I've had has been fantastic and some of the other members are also promoting it."

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