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Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 1) 326

Assange is the press. Unlike the MSM (which I assume, correct me if I am wrong, you call the "press"), which is nothing short of political democrats wrapped up in faux "Impartiality". The difference is, Wikileaks has a PERFECT record of reporting actual "Facts", while the MSM is still lying to us about "Russian Hacking" the election.

AT BEST, Russia hacked the DNC and Democrats, and they came out looking like the assholes they are. IF that influenced the election, the DNC and Democrats have nobody else to blame but themselves. And guess who is helping cover up the ineptitude of Hillary, the DNC, and the rest? The complicit MSM was also implicated in the massive collaboration to derail Bernie even before Trump got the nomination.

Wikileaks just published everything it had, didn't hold back info, and has a perfect record of not getting anything wrong on things it has "leaked". So, if you want to compare Wikileaks to the "press", I am sure you'll find the MSM press lacking. Unless you're a democrat douchebag bootlicker.

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 0) 326

Lets deconstruct the terms, so that we have understanding.

Gender = Social constructs (societal roles). Not scientific.
Sex = Biological and Physiological reproduction characterizations (Scientific)

Manning was born Male (XY). Had functional Male parts (penis, testes).

Society said he was a Man, science said he was male. He participated in life as a Man, joined the Military as a Man. Only when his/her life went to shit did his mental state appear to change. Anything he said about how he "felt" growing up is irrelevant to any discussion, because there is NO way to verify any of it.

Science is about proof. There is NO proof that s/he is anything but a fucked up mentally ill man. You can blame it on Genetics or whatever. In nature (natural) there is no "fix" for this. Scientifically we can kind of sort of make things appear differently, but that doesn't really change what facts we have. Pretending that being Transgendered is some sort of hero state by default may be doing a HUGE disservice to someone that is mentally ill (if that is what it is). But being politically correct is more important than facts.

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 3, Insightful) 326

One, Compelling a person to say things is kind of tyrannical, isn't it? We have completely disintegrated as a society by placing the "feelings" of everyone above everyone else's feelings. Sorry cupcake, but YOUR feelings do not trump (no pun intended) my feelings.

I have no respect for Manning, because he deserves none. She has got exactly what it wanted out of his surgery, sympathy from a sycophantic cult of "Gender Identity", who view her as some sort of "hero" for having some gender make believe surgery. I don't care if it wants to be called anything, traitor is what he is.

Snowden and Assange deserve the pardons.

Comment Re:Well there is a little problem (Score 1) 143

You seem to think the recession started just before Obama took office, I'd argue that it actually started on 9/11. The economy was rough all through GWB's tenure and his polices are part of the reason why the economy sucks to this day. Obama didn't help any, and quite frankly, didn't do anything useful. People are tired of 16 years of crappy economy after Reagan - Clinton's economy (20 years).

Comment Re:Hey, cable companies: (Score 3, Interesting) 200

Improper Government is bad. Just that most modern governements are involved in way more than they should be (arresting people for serving food to the homeless??? WTF??)

My solution is much more simple. Government manages not just the Conduit, but the actual Fiber in it. Bring it all back to a COLO facility where the competition happens. The "cable" companies no longer control the cable, only the content. And since each customer can get the services they want, from the provider(s) they want, it is all open to anyone who want access to those customers. All they need is a feed from the COLO to whatever they are offering.

Comment Re:And mathematicians, including (Score 1) 372

I would even go so far as to suggest that monopolies are natural part of the system, that drives even more innovation. I doubt very much that Linux could exist in a world were there was no natural monopoly (Microsoft), as there would be no need for it if there was proper competition. This perspective is overshadowed by all the people crying "there ought to be a law" without thinking about why there ought not to be a law.

Or think about it this way, with Standard Oil having a monopoly, how many wars would have been fought over oil? And who would have fought for them? And maybe perhaps we would have solar / nuclear / "whatever we can't think of" instead of stupid dinojuice fueling our dreams.

Comment Re:You don't know what a free market is, do you? (Score 1) 372

Its a bitch when you bribe enough people, run enough tests to get a drug that kills people through the system, and there is almost no recourse by the public to sue the government for lack of proper due diligence. How many drugs have been recalled because they were worse than the diseases they were trying to solve.

I'd much rather have placebo effect snake oil than harmful Big Pharma drugs that pass FDA approval. How about you?

Comment Re:you mean capitalism works? (Score 2) 372

The problem isn't the drug, it is the delivery system is patented. Use a different delivery method (syringe) and you're fine. The problem is that Epipen has not competition. Price point where it is now, will create competition ... and you are seeing that right here.

Remember kids, this is an artificial monopoly with a couple different barriers (patent, FDA approval) that prevent competition.

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