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Comment I would be happy if I wasn't so bitter. (Score 1) 115

You know what would have REALLY been able to "see back to the beginning of time"? A proper gravitational observatory like the LISA/Pathfinder project, which would have used three satellites to measure fluxuations in space-time less than the width of an atomic nucleus. It was planned to be operational by 2015 and would have been able to "see" better and farther than light-based telescopes.

But I probably will never see anything as cool as that, because it lost funding when the Webb sucked up all the oxygen in the room.

Comment Re:Recording devices are banned in McDonalds (Score 1) 1198

First, the guy is a Canadian, not an American.

Second, as he CLEARLY STATES IN THE ARTICLE, his device does *not* record images by default. The only reason it recorded images is that when he was assaulted and his system was damaged, it stopped over-writing images in the buffer, which were then recovered later.

Bloke was being who he is: a geeky techno pioneer with a focus on developing augmented sight for the seeing impaired.

You, sir, are the dick.

Comment An alternative to DM: MOND (Score 2, Interesting) 125

I like to think I have an open mind when it comes to cosmology, but I've never liked the Dark Matter "theory". If they ever find direct evidence, fine, but I will remain unconvinced until then.

My personal favourite alternative hypothesis is called Modified Newtonian Dynamics, which is based on the idea that gravity exerts a stronger pull between objects that are more or less in the same inertial frame (ie at very low relative accelerations, that "acceleration is not linearly proportional to force at small values").


Obviously, a lot of people find this blasphemy, but I don't see what is so bad with modifying the law of gravity as compared to invoking "ghost matter".

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