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Comment Re:Ground down (Score -1, Flamebait) 1198

We live in a world where literally yesterday a woman was stoned to death by her family for failing to live her life they way they wanted.

This was a USA incident that some would say implicates western civilization so, let's talk about something that's actually relevant, ok? Approximately 45 murders occurred in the USA yesterday. Approximately, 76% of the victims had penises. Please advise me on which class of the human animal is more vulnerable in Western civilization.

There is literally no way to win as a woman

Rational Moe would like to point you towards THE OATMEAL so that any writings you may do on the web or elsewhere will not be infected by your misuse of the English language. But Irrational Moe ..... fuck you, you're fucking stupid, pathetic, and your thoughts are unforgivabley naive and sexist. You are, obviously, not a nerd. You are a vapid twit with a sinkhole between your legs. Go find your nearest porno shop, buy a dildo, stuff it up next to your cervix, and stop leaking your pussy juice all over slashdot.

Comment Re:So, to sum this up. (Score 0) 1198

Ok, Moe is back and, rabtech, I submit that your poor parents did not do a good job providing you with an education.

As a certified expert in producing childish dribble, there was absolutely nothing childish about the comments of the parent poster.

"The whole point is women can't know a-priori who the good guys are and the penalty is being raped or killed."

My rebuttal is that 99.999999999999999999999999% of women in any interaction with any male do not end up dead or raped. Probably a billion more nines ought to added after the decimal but I'm sure even your damaged socialist brain sees the point.

"Do you honestly even give a second thought to someone punching you in the face or stabbing you at a conference?"

You mean like what happenned to Tyler Durden, himself, today?

Here's what rational Moe sees. The parent poster is advocating personal responsibility. You are disparaging that concept. This automatically disqualifies you from being remotely correct. That is, you are incorrect by about as much distance as there is between the Milky Way and Andromeda.

Irrational Moe would like to tell you to fucking kill yourself as you are, in fact, part of the problem here.

The Internet

Submission + - Cops subpoena to learn who read critical web pages

solareagle writes: A weekly newspaper has received grand jury subpoenas seeking information on who visits their Phoenix weekly's Web site. Maricopa County authorities want every story New Times has written about Sheriff Joe Arpaio since Jan. 1, 2004, including one that revealed the sheriff's address. The subpoenas also seek online profiles of anyone who read four specific articles about Arpaio and profiles of anyone who visited the paper's Web site since Jan. 1, 2004. Also sought was information on what Web users did while on the site. When the newspaper published a story revealing the subpoenas, its editor was arrested for revealing grand jury information. He now faces up to six months in jail and $2500 in fines. Former New Times reporter John Dougherty, whose original story about Arpaio's address sparked the controversy, said: "We're not harboring state secrets, we're not harboring terrorists, we're just straight up reporting on issues they don't want us to report on."

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