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Comment Re:Do they really think that will work? (Score 1) 73

These workers will be canned, blacklisted, and replaced by younger people willing to work for vastly less - all in under a week. The official message from our dear government after that (disseminated by the "terrible media" that the same government claims to hate so much) will be that it is all the fault of the workers and their union.

These are the people that work on the POTS network.
Perhaps if AT&T had thought ahead and moved to fiber end-to-end years ago, this wouldn't be an issue.
However, they still have tons of copper in the ground, and you're not going to find someone at a job fair that knows how to deal with that.

Comment Re:Never give a number (Score 1) 435

First, if I have a req for an engineer with a range of $160K-$190K, if you are making $220K I know it's unlikely that you will accept this job.

That's an easy problem to solve. Just say "My range is $160k to $190k, and those are firm. Are you interested in continuing?"

If you don't want to trust the candidate with those numbers, why should they trust you with theirs?

Comment Apple TV or Roku at reduced price (Score 1) 25

I was planning on getting an gen 4 Apple TV anyhow.
With the promo they were running, I was able to get one cheaper than I would have anyhow, and then get 3 months of shitty TV with unskipable ads included.
Since I was already paying for Sling, I switched to this.
Honestly, I think I may switch back to Dish or DirecTV after my 3 months are up in March. I'll pay a premium to be able to record my shows again and skip commercials.

Comment Re:Over The Top subscription streaming content (Score 1) 164

Why? It's not like there is a shortage of space in, erm, space, is there?

There is plenty of room in the ocean, too.

The point is that the more wasted space you have, the harder it is to make something tough and maneuverable. Hence the reason the USS Defiant was so small.

It makes sense that a floating cruise ship like the Enterprise-D had such huge hallways. It even had daycare, which was part of the plot.

However, military/scientific vessels in the years before where everyone on board was working, and not a spouse or child, should have been focused on the mission and designed as such. Hallways should only be as wide as needed.

Now, in defense of ST:TNG, even the Enterprise-D frequently highlighted the purely functional and cramped nature of the Jefferies Tubes:

Comment Re:Neither fish nor foul (Score 1) 167

I wonder what 3rd parties think of a device that yet again probably has little chance of platform parity with its competitors.

Why have a 3rd flavor of chocolate?

The Nintendo trend has been to do something different from PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

I'm not a Nintendo person, or plan on getting this, but I see that they sell quite well. I assume this is because they're not the same.
As for the 3rd parties, I don't think they're trying to fit CoD on these. The games for Nintendo have never been bleeding edge, they focus more on fun at a lower rez.

Comment Re:It's ok (Score 1) 56

Net Neutrality can be summed up in 5 words: A packet is a packet.

No, that is packet or service neutrality.

Some people will say stuff like: you have to prioritize VOIP for 911, or real time emergency alerts, or whatever.

You don't HAVE to, but if done NETWORK NEUTRAL, then yes, you can prioritize VoIP over SMTP if you want, as long as you do it for VoIP on every network, and you've still accomplished Network Neutrality.

Comment Delayed start, live end (Score 3, Insightful) 137

I've not had a DVR for a couple of years now, but when I did, I would take a rough guess to start anywhere from 30-90 minutes late on the broadcast of whatever sportsball or racing I was watching.

The goal was to skip every commercial, yet still end up live for the last 30-10 minutes.

No spoiled results, and very few commercials in the last bit. Worked great.

I also did with with shows with big reveals and lots of live views, like The Walking Dead. Those are a predictable 10 minute delay to catch up to live by the last commercial break.

Comment Re:Lost business? (Score 1) 77

What advertising? I'm running an adblocker - and so do most people with sense these days.

I don't, on purpose. I think still I have some sense.

-I like to pay for the services I use. Many companies will provide me service by showing me ads. That is fair to me.
-I don't want ads for NFL games and tampons. I have no use for either of those. However, if a new 2m radio is on sale, I actually want to know that.
-I mind giving small a small amount of information to advertisers (through cookies and fingerprinting) a LOT less than I mind giving any Ad blocking app FULL web browsing history.

How are you paying for the services you use?

Comment If Alphabet doesn't want to do it, sell it off! (Score 4, Interesting) 97

Why wouldn't Alphabet spin off a new company that they have a 40% stake in and let it fly?

It wouldn't be part of Alphabet, so the rules wouldn't apply.

If it fails, they can handle a little loss.

If it is a hit, they can make money from it without holding back on good ideas the world might be able to use.

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