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Comment Re:Units Shipped != Units Sold (Score 2) 406

Well, when you're using that as a metric for market share, then shipped definitely does not apply. But, getting units sold (to customers) is a much more difficult number for a manufacturer to obtain. Either way, I still think the number of people using apple phones is larger than Samsung. Maybe Samsung sold more this year (I have one), but phones do run a 2-year cycle nowadays. Plus the whole 4S thing altering Apple's shipping that everyone mentioned.

Comment Re:Too much attention to detail (Score 1) 227

One reason he started working on bsnes is because he was writing SNES software that tested in emulators but wouldn't work on a system. So there you go, you disproved your own point! There's also a historical, archival importance to accuracy. the MAME community understands this more than anyone. It is blatantly obvious to some people how innacurate other emulators are. The most obvious is in sound emulation, which is always terrible in other emulators. There are occasionally visual differences that are obvious to most fans, too. I could never get into SNES emulators until I stumbled onto bsnes. It's great to see him finally getting a little press. This is by far the best snes emulator but gets completely ignored.

Submission + - Chrome Crosses Midway Point To Capture Firefox (

An anonymous reader writes: Has Mozilla gambled Firefox’ future away? Browser market share data released today indicate that Firefox may have suffered a big blow against its market share, while Chrome and especially IE8 were able to gain. Both Net Applications and StatCounter now state that Chrome has reached a milestone and now has more than 50% of the market share of Firefox.

Comment This is awesome news to me (Score 1) 251

Well, to an extent, I listen to more Avex than Sony. But I hate having to lug all my Aikawa Nanase CDs everywhere I go, her last 2 were DRMed, and Avex DRM cds cause all kinds of problems. IE, they don't work in iTunes (& supposedly not on macs). Well, I still have to carry around her last CD though, too bad its her best and I can't make it more portable.

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