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Submission + - EBU R 128 Loudness Management Being Adopted By Broadcasters (

jones_supa writes: Qualitron, headquartered in Espoo, Finland, reports that Finnish broadcasters have agreed to comply EBU R 128 loudness recommendation on audio production and delivery until the end of 2013. The first goal for Finnish broadcasters is to get the domestic and other internal program material, including jingles and channel ads, under control until summer 2013. The rest of the program material should be loudness normalised until the end of 2013. Similar agreements has been made also between other European broadcasters. EBU R 128 is now applied in France, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the Spanish Autonomous Community of Catalonia and Belgium. The loudness normalisation is spreading widely also in other parts of the world. For example in US the loudness management has been applied according to the ATSC recommendation A/85 forced by the law.

Comment Re:same as before, use Cat5 (Score 1) 132

When my house was built the best available was Cat3 (for 10Mbps ethernet) so I had that installed instead of yellow frozen garden hose. I'm reliably running 1Gbps ethernet over that wiring now, and it's not excluded that 10Gbps might work as the max distance is 20m.

It's in conduit, so it can be replaced by whatever CatX or fiber would the need arise.

Don't skimp; get the best.

Comment Re:Sensationalize much? (Score 1) 390

I'll try to explain. Swartz suicide was his own doing. On the other hand, the prosecutor was irresponsible in using the powers assigned to her, and her actions have ultimately contributed to Swartz' fate. The duality is in distributing the blame for the incident. Every case is different, and so are the opinions of the readers here. Slashdot readers are not a rigid monolithic block jumping to a steady beat with a set of opinions that are cast in stone.

BTW there is a difference between bullying which can be addressed by a proper response, moving out of the way or letting time pass, and the unavoidable lifetime consequences of a law enforced in a blind, negligent or even maliglant fashion.

Comment No true friend recommends Apple nor its products. (Score -1, Troll) 396

If someone recommends Apple's products to you, take it that that person doesn't hold you in high regard.
That person assumes that you

  • - cannot think different on your own
  • - mistake style for substance
  • - are bad with money
  • - can't deal with complexity
  • - crave the false status a product reflects on its wearer
  • - are uncomfortable with freedom outside a sandbox.

That person is not your true friend.

Comment Re:Hansen is delusional (Score 1) 605

Moderators, I am the author of the above comment that has been moderated "Troll"; the moderation was apparently done on the basis of replying comments. I ask you to check what my comment said, before moderating it as troll.

Here is what the Slashdot summary said.

the paper says, that scientists can claim with near certainty that events like the Texas heat wave last year, the Russian heat wave of 2010 and the European heat wave of 2003 would not have happened without the planetary warming caused by the human release of greenhouse gases.

It ought to be clear from this that the Russian heat wave, in particular, is being blamed on putative global warming. Now, check the three links in my comment to confirm that they do indeed say exactly what my comment claims. The second link requires a password or subscription; here is an alternative link, from the American Geophysical Union (which publishes the journal):

You can confirm that the quote supplied in my comment is taken from that link.

The real trolls are the commenters who claimed that I was misquoting or misrepresenting. My comment is not a troll, and it should be moderated fairly.

I think that it says something about the current global warming debate that an accurate critical comment such as mine is moderated troll while blatantly false criticisms of my comment get moderated up to 5.

Duly noted.

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