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Submission + - Intel Releases 2nd Gen Core CPUs, aka Sandy Bridge (tomshardware.com)

Anubis350 writes: Intel just announced the official release of their new CPUs, codenamed Sandy Bridge, touting a new internal architecture, on-silicon graphics, etc. Tom's Hardware has already gotten their first review of the desktop procs and PC Mag has the full lineup listing, both mobile and desktop. Tom's Hardware's review, though overall favorable, had qualms with the limits on over clocking intel has imposed and on the choice of which GPUs are allocated to which processor in the lineup: [quote]The graphics situation, at least on the desktop, is also pretty whacky. Of the 14 models introduced at launch, the two best suited to enthusiast-oriented gaming machines with discrete GPUs are the ones armed with Intel’s HD Graphics 3000 engine.[/quote]. Looks to me like Intel still hasn't caught up far enough on the integrated graphics front to justify their licensing problems with NVIDIA, but that's just my 2c.. Still, can't wait to get my hands on a Core 2011 machine to play with!

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