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Comment Re:and smaller (Score 1) 164

I did actually say smaller too, though it's late here and I may be as coherent as I think :p

Agreed on the disposable income connundrum too, especially when you consider how many people are already shelling out for a smartphone that's quite capable for their media consumption as both of us have noted

I'd also add thag the decline in home ownership may controbute too, a TV is one more large object to move if you don't expect to stay in the same place for a long time. At the very least only having 1 TV makes things easier than multiple ones

Comment Bigger TVs (Score 1) 164

As people have bigger TVs I suspect they want to watch primarily on the one big one if they're watching on a full fledged TV, and portable devices like phones and tablets (and to a lesser extent laptops since battery life has gotten so good) have killed the idea of having a smaller TV in other rooms: Why bother when you can just carry your iPad in? I suspect the same effect has killed TV ownership completely for a lot of people who don't have room in their house for a large TV (or don't watch it enough to decide to spend on that when they can access content on their other devices).

Comment Re:Full Employment Act for Comedians (Score 1) 1069

In full calexit America we also have 164,000 less square miles, 40M less people, a lot less money, way less export ability, and far less agriculture, just to name a few things. You can't just be like "yeah, I mean, except for these people he would've won the popular vote." that's cherry picking, and it's particularly stupid when you're talking about the 3rd largest state by size and the 1st in population. You've literally just said "yes, without 1/8 of the US pop trump would have won the popular election.

Comment Re:That it matters, means that they've failed (Score 2) 101

If their sh*t uses a standard, but is custom enough that there can be a counterfeit, tells me they're doing it wrong.

First of all, what the hell are you talking about when it comes to standards? Every computer company uses a different charger. I dare you to plug in an HP charger into a Dell (that's if the connector even works). Second, it doesn't matter if Apple or Dell follows a standard, the counterfeit chargers won't follow one which is the point.

Outside of the long business of selling multi-adapters, I'll point out that a lot of new laptops are moving to USBC for charging, so the different adapter thing may soon be a thing of the past

Comment Re:so we single folks (Score 1) 179

A lot of big companies that give this time off usually have spare capacity on staff to be assigned to cover such things. I once started at a job where my nominal boss had already been out for 2 months on maternity leave, my temporary manager (not a temp, a full employee on staff who had literally become a floating manager for these kind of assignments) was my boss for my first 5 months, and she had been assigned the position before my real boss had gone out, so that she already knew the dept when my manager went on leave. When my manager came back, my temporary manager got a new assignment. No one did extra work to cover the nearly 7 months my boss was out. It's typically not startups that offer this kind of benefit, Amex can definitely afford to shift staff to accommodate maternity/paternity leaves without piling double work on a lot of people.

Comment Re:Extremely ignorant (Score 1) 523

You should do your own research on it. There's just too many things to list in this space. Search through Slashdot's archives for plenty of discussion.

Code for: "I don't really know." (But now that someone's called me on it, I will do some Googling and reply with stock Trump / anti-TPP information to show that I do know what I'm talking about.)

[ Please don't bother, your views are already clear. ]

FWIW I'm pretty damn liberal and I think the TPP is an abomination, or more accurately contains enough sub-abominations that its good features are not redeeming to the document as a whole.

Comment Re:Different from any other investigation?.. (Score 2) 145

Tech Firms Say FBI Wants Browsing History Without Warrant

Just how is this different — in principle — from the normal and old-fashioned investigation, where the investigator would talk to the suspect's friends, business-partners, grocery-suppliers, neighbors, and landlords? And, if the folks had any relevant records, ask to see them?

Sherlock Holmes would do that, Perry Mason would do that, Hercule Poirot would do that, Miss Marple would do that. Why can't the FBI — which law are they violating by the mere asking? There is no allegation in TFA of any illegal threats the agents have made against the companies for non-compliance or for demanding a warrant or some other approval from the Judiciary... What is the there there?

I'll bite - because this is compelled, not asked. An NSL *compels* information, and it also comes with a gag order. Neither of that is true of a cop asking. Now, in the case of a standard investigation, if they wanted to compel testimony or info they could get a warrant or a subpoena, as they can now for these records, but that requires a judge, not just a senior FBI agent, and typically never came with gag orders.

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