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Comment Class B people get hired when "growth" outpaces... (Score 1) 763

Class B people get hired when ( inflationary, like Big Bang )"growth" outpaces
Managed Development.

Read "A New Brand World" ( ) by the former brand-manager for Nike & Starbucks:
their super-growth period ( Starbucks ) meant hiring rather a few former macdeath managers, and they didn't "get" cafe-culture,
so they obliterated some of it,
in exchange for supersized coffee cups.

Sometimes one has to have the brains to turn-down an opportunity, in order to keep one's soul,
but that blows the short-term-bottom-line,
you know?


PS: Also read:
Al & Laura Ries, The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding
& Focus - The Future of Your Company Depends On It
Both of which counter some of what the first book says, and eloquently


Western Style:
Hire the skill-set, change the person-nature.
Which results in .. firing 'em, because their nature didn't change!
Japanese Style:
Hire the someone, change the skill-set

Which is more-valid, seen plainly as that?

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