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Comment Re:Here's his best defense.. (Score 1) 802

I'm not so sure that's the best defense. After all, if someone went through the trouble of encrypting something in the first place, do you think someone will have easily forgot the key?

Ignoring the constitutional issues at hand, would this be any different than the FBI forcing someone to hand over the key to a storage locker they suspect have illegal goods in it?


Submission + - Missing e-mail

Antony-Kyre writes: Since Microsoft hasn’t been of any help, I’m asking Slashdot. Ever since they switched from the previous look to that “Outlook” look in Hotmail, I haven’t received any spam. This isn’t spam I block. This is spam I’m collecting that I’d like to eventually report and/or investigate (long story). It’s been days now (not opening any messages to check the last time I received e-mail), and I don’t know what to do. I usually expect perhaps dozens a week, but unless a spam network was recently taken down, I figure Hotmail is blocking e-mail at its source. Has anyone else been having similar problems?

Comment Re:This is news? (Score 1) 684

Let's call bullying for what it is: assault and/or battery. Of course, I'm thinking of physical bullying. There's also verbal abuse, some of which can be ignored and some of which cannot be ignored. Regardless, if it happens on school grounds, the school needs to be responsible and take appropriate action.

The school needs address both parties. In other words, see why the student is bullying other students. That offender may be a "victim" of something him- or herself.

Comment Re:No even a "we're sorry?" (Score 1) 152

With logic like that, we might as well switch to an absolute monarchy. We as citizens must care about constitutional abuses even if it has no direct affect on a specific individual. An abuse on one is an abuse on us all. I want to say it's only a matter of time before it hits you or me, but I think it's more practical to say this: How can you feel secure when constitutional abuses are ignored? Unless you're above the law, I don't see how that's possible.


Submission + - Sony introduces 4K "UHDTV" television.

Antony-Kyre writes: HDTVs are set to quadruple their resolution with the advent of Sony's ultra-HD 4K resolution. Twice the height and twice the vertical, this HDTV will have four times the resolution of current HDTVs. The name 4K comes from nearly the number of horizontal pixels, contradicting the practice of using the vertical resolution as a standard.

According to the aforementioned Wikipedia article, YouTube does provide 4096 x 3072" content, which is higher than the 3840x2160 pixels such that “4K” is. Is it overkill? Will consumers embrace a higher-resolution standard when some think 1080p is good enough? Only time will tell.

Comment Re:I haven't read the article, but (Score 1) 105

Maybe it's hard to tell since four to five years of college is gradual, but was the you who graduated from college much different than the you who graduated from high school? Maybe not for employment purposes, but did it help make you more wise to the world? Not counting the financial burden of college, of course.

What I'd like to see in this country (USA) is the following...
A guarantee that anyone who wants to go to college, can go to college.
Higher Direct loan caps. Maybe triple them. And I mean both subbed and unsubbed loans.
A modification of the 10 year repayment plan for Direct loans. How about zero percent interest for those who make on-time payments? Those who miss a few payments can catch up and reapply for zero percent interest.
First two years of college tuition-free, provided "good standing", for each permanent resident.
Two year grace period before loan repayment so graduates can get on their feet.
And as for graduate school, law school, medical school, we probably need student loan reform too. That way, if someone gets in on their merits, they can afford to pay for it, and not drown in interest-based debt.

Comment Yes (Score 1) 878

Yes it does. We should strive to have proper grammar no matter how unimportant our written work may be. We don't need a slippery slope into a degradation of our grammar. Okay, so maybe I'm a bit of a grammar snob. And I am far from perfect in terms of my grammar. But if you have time to think about what you're going to write, as opposed to having a live conversation, what's the harm in taking a few minutes to make sure it's better than "okay"? Oh, there's also a need to read what you type before hitting submit. It's easier to catch typos that way.

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