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Comment Re:Irony of ironies, Microsoft needs to use FOSS!! (Score 1) 82

Also, Master Chief was in the demo; the original poster (and perhaps you) was just too blinded by seeing something open source on the screen to notice it.

MSR is one of the few branches of Microsoft that doesn't feel like traditional Microsoft. But by all means, continue hating every little thing that has to do with Microsoft.

Yeah, you're right. I noticed the shard gun after posting. Microsoft research does amazing things, but it's still surprising to see a game named after, and starring, the Linux Mascot on Microsoft's official videos.


Submission + - Microsoft's future of living room stars SuperTuxKart, Linux mascot's Game (youtube.com)

Antoine.Stroll writes: "Microsoft's concept of the living room's future doesn't include Master Chief apparently. In fact, it's starring several FOSS games including Red Eclipse and SuperTuxKart. Was the quarterly loss that bad? Or does FOSS just allow more possibilities for research and experimentation?

SuperTuxKart had their 0.8 release last month. Go check out the website and download the game that Redmond's researchers couldn't resist. STK gets it's Microsoft closeup at 48 seconds into the demonstration."

Comment Re:Why IndieGoGo (Score 1) 71

That makes sense. I have to say that the quality of the video is poor compared to virtually every other crowd funding project I've seen. People use game engines for polished expensive projects, so your videos should reflect that. I say this in terms of future videos and I plan on donating. As I hope you'll continue to use and be supported through crowdfunding.

Comment Seems genuine (Score 1) 71

This seems like a great thing. Garage Games decision is obviously a result of being out competed by other companies, but who cares? The recent moves seems like they are trying to build a strong community and be a company based on ideals. The engines are open sourced (maybe they'll get a gsoc student to work on an Android port) so people are free to change them as they see fit. If they survive as a company, hopefully address some of the problems with their engine. It puts more pressure on the dominant products like Unity as well.

Submission + - OpenMW version 0.20.0 is bringing Elder Scrolls to Linux (youtube.com) 1

An anonymous reader writes: The big news these days is Valve's official support for Linux, but Bethesda has no plans to bring Elder Scrolls to Linux. So a group of volunteers are doing it instead (albeit with a decade old entry of the series).

Version 0.20.0 of the popular open source reimplementation of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind was released a few days ago. It's the team's ninth release of 2012. There's a nice demonstration video for the latest release. Release packages for Ubuntu on their PPA page and other platforms are available on our Download page. This release brings a near-complete implementation of the dialogue system, visual player race changes in character creation, and many other fixes and improvements.

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