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Comment Re:It has always been this way (Score 1) 313

There are other risks with AirBNB and similar services. Adam Conover did a fairly good "Adam Ruins Everything" presentation at http://www.thewrap.com/adam-ru...

Adam Conover has been doing fine, satirical work discrediting a lot of commonly held beliefs such as the effectiveness of private prisons the usefulness of summer vacation, hygiene, weddings, and many others. It's the sort of information Slashdot readers may have picked up in pieces, but presented in clear individual sketches that even children can understand.

Comment Re: YES (Score 2) 313

I did not do this deliberately, but decades ago with People's Express airlines I flew the day before Christmas. I had the first flight oin the morrning, and volunteered to be bumped 3 times before the ticket agent insisted I get on the next plane. It did pay for my personal air travel for the next year.

It was understandable economically. Keeping that extra small percentage of seats full keeps money coming in to the airline's coffers for that month, and helps expand reports of their numbers of riders and overall income, even if it is not profitable.

Comment Re:Never miss an opportunity to spread alarmist cr (Score 3, Informative) 143

> but have no effect on ecosystems other than to limit the spread of wildfires

This claim is not well founded, I'm afraid. Even the most casual look at Google shows thousands of well written articles on the difficulty, and many well researched scientific papers on obvious and subtle effects. Slower moving animals like snakes and turtles are devastated by roads, and can lose genetic diversity because they can't safely cross roads to cross breed with even nearby habitats. And animals that need to migrate due to winter or due to local food depletion often have profound difficulty finding safe and effective ways past piles of fenced in highway.

Comment Re:sorry, it's not that simple (Score 1) 431

That's a very handwaving cover page. And yes, they are getting it wrong. "Deuterium can be distilled from all forms of water." Yes, it can, but it's energy consuming and quite expensive. The "breeding blanket" they refer to has never existed, has never been used, and _cannot_ possibly approach 100% effectiveness. It is theoretically using a "primed pump" of deuterium and tritum to recycle enough neutrons to replace the tritium. Unfortunately, even if the tritium in the lithium blanket was remotely efficient or safe to extract from the extremely toxic and dangerous lithium flouride typically used, not all of the neutrons emitted by the fusion reaction will be absorbed and generate renewed tritium.

I'm afraid that webpage is ignoring pretty basic physics.

Comment Re:sorry, it's not that simple (Score 1) 431

Tritium produced in liquid lithium shielding is a destabilizing consequence of using it in shielding because it propagates an extremely volatile, difficult to contain radioactive material into the lithium. Recovery of tritium from it, even in theory, is for safety, not for refueling the reactor. It's nowhere near _enough_ tritium to replace the original tritium fuel, and it can't be recovered safely or efficiently enough to use it effectively to refuel the reactor.

Comment Re:Top 3 promising fusion concepts: (Score 1) 431

It also took 20% of the world's oil production offline for nearly a decade, which profits other oil companies, especially with the guaranteed market for military fuel. And there was a _hope_, ill-founded, that a wave of strong anti-Muslim-leadership politics would sweep the region.

Comment Re:Mixed Metaphors (Score 1) 436

>> The revolution led directly to famine, from destruction of the economy, and genocide during the Reign of Terror. So yes, I'd say that Marie Antoinette's political behavior was "not doing anything wrong".

> Whenever it's the rich and the bourgeois taking it up the ass, rather than the poor, the fainting couches are whipped out and hands get chapped from frantic

When it's someone like Marie Antoinette, who actually tried to stabilize the country, who are blamed for the atrocities and used as examples of the abuses and are executed for them, it's important to defend them. Blame her for her very _real_ sins, such as her long resistance to badly needed fiscal reforms, not for complete disregard of the poor and of the populace of France that was more founded in propaganda. The "let them eat cake" quote was apparently just such propaganda.

Comment Re:Mixed Metaphors (Score 1) 436

>> genocide during the Reign of Terror.

> Really? Against who?

The Vendee, in a region mostly populated by the Catholics of France. The wholesale slaughter among them was one of the reasons the "Reign of Terror" was known as such. I do note that the genocide was not one-sided, the Verdee were themselves engaging in slaughter of civilians based on religious differences.

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