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Journal Journal: I'm alive, and now have a blog. 1

Well, I've started a blog over at http://sethblank.com/. It's in serious need of some design love, and a lot more content, but I need feedback!

Right now, it's more business/entrepreneurship oriented, but I plan on delving a lot into tech and the world at large.

Comments, please! (And yes, I'm alive.)


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Journal Journal: For those not following Multiply 4

I resigned as COO from SlashChick's company, Simpli Hosting, Inc, last week.

I am now hopping around the East Coast and clearing my head before I go back to the Bay Area and start up doing my own consulting thing.

I'm in DC right now, and will be for another couple of days, and then will probably be back here next week for a few days again as well.

Besides that, I'll be in NYC for the bulk of next week and all of next weekend (it's my birthday weekend, and I'll be spending it with a bunch of old friends).

I also may make a quick jump up to the Boston / Cambridge area to see some family and friends as well and to potentially find out what this kitten of Blinder and Sol's is all about.

In short, I'm available for complimentary dinner and beer in all the above cities if anyone wants to meet my unemployed self while I'm bouncing around :)

Input Devices

Journal Journal: Razer Copperhead

So I bought a Razer Copperhead off of Woot a few weeks ago when it was $35, but never got around to actually plugging it in any playing with it.

Holy hell, this is the most sensitive, most awesome mouse I've ever used in my life.

I am floored by how awesome it is.

I'm that guy who really hates how insensitive mice are, the kind where when most people sit down at my desk, ask me how the hell I can use the mouse because it's so sensitive and flies across the screen. That's when I complain it's still choppy and not good enough for me.

This is supposed to be a gaming mouse. This mouse will be seeing a lot of firefox and MS Office utilities instead.

Hell, it's got 7 (seven!) buttons. You can even assign macros to them. For instance, as of right now, the button under my thumb's knuckle is macro'd to ctrl-t. I can now open new tabs in firefox without touching the keyboard :)

And yes, I know someone is going to mention mouse gestures here. I do not care; I can click a button on mouse to accomplish the same thing!

I am very very very happy with this new mouse.

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Journal Journal: Social Network Whoring 3

Fine, I give in!




http://www.linkedin.com/in/sethblank (the email from my profile works)

AntiFreeze on http://www.upcoming.org/

My former roommate even put together a myspace page for me *shudder* with a photo I'm not particularly keen on and some funky wording "in the dating arena" ... wtf?


Are we all happy now that I'm on the social networking bandwagon? I blame SlashChick, Em Emalb's latest journal entry regarding Multiply, and the word "argh".

I'm just happy I never joined dodgeball! Oh wait, twitter's worse.

Do I get a special badge and at least a complimentary pat on the back now?


Journal Journal: PEBBAM

As opposed to PEBKAC, this one is Problem Exists Between Brain And Mouth.

And I shall call it, Generalized Stupidity Disorder.

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Journal Journal: It's the economy stupid! 4

See, Bush didn't need those crazy tax cuts to stimulate the economy, all he needed to do was make sure that Democrats took over Congress and Rumsfeld left his post and the NASDAQ would respond by hitting a 6 year high!

I think that's sound economic advice: when in doubt, fire Rumsfeld.

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Journal Journal: Management rule of the day 3

"If it goes unsaid, it will go undone." -- Me, about five minutes ago.

Be explicit. If you're not and you think the reason is obvious, it won't happen. An extra 30 seconds of explanation will save you hours of pain down the road when trying to figure out why that important task wasn't taken care of.

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Journal Journal: 'WTF club' required 3

The 'ugly stick' exists. I need a 'wtf club' to severely bludgeon some people.

That is all.

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Journal Journal: Slashdot Survey 1

Slashdot has a survey concerning the new layout which I think most of you know about by now.

Here's my response to them, ignoring what I think of the layout (you made changes???):

What one thing would you most like to change about Slashdot's layout?

Spelling, punctuation, and dupe checking. Seriously.

What do you feel is missing from the new look and feel of Slashdot?

Layout doesn't matter. There needs to be an API equivalent Digg's so that people can add a "Slashdot This!" link to stories on their site and have it automatically submitted.

What do you find unnecessary on Slashdot?

Pudge's journal. I'd rather he took that energy and candor and pursuit of fact checking to the front page than his journal.

Anything else youd like us to know?

Yeah. Slashdot is not just Rob's blog any more. Treating it as such has caused a serious decline in its usage and meaningfulness on the web, and that's a bad thing.

I can now get almost all my news via bloglines from other sources hours or days before it reaches slashdot. And there's no easy way to post stories to slashdot which is why Digg has taken such a jump ahead.

Seriously, sit down with the slashdot team, discuss who your users are, what you're trying to sell to them (I'm a paying subscriber!!!), and who's paying your salaries.

Bottom line, you're getting paid to do this, treat it as a real job and not some lucky soul's massively popular blog. Slashdot is a business now, deal with it. And shape up and listen to your clients or go out of business.

It would be a shame if slashdot disappeared, but it wouldn't surprise me if you don't clean up your act and start taking things seriously.

Of course it won't be taken the way I mean it to, but that's their problem. Oh well, so much for the dot.


Journal Journal: Where my Jews at? 5

Did the High Holy days just sneak up on anybody else?

They start sundown this Friday and I haven't even found a synagogue out here in the Bay Area yet. Guess I better get a move on.

Oh, for those about to offer advice, I'm in San Jose, not San Fran, so it's a bit more difficult than one would think (or so I'm guessing, I really haven't done any searching yet, just kvetching, sue me).

User Journal

Journal Journal: Am I the only one who feels no sympathy for Steve Irwin? 5

I mean, sure it sucks when anyone dies. But frankly, I'm more surprised he lived this long than anything else.

And really, wouldn't he have rather been killed by some vicious animal than like, plaque in his arteries? It's how he would have wanted to go!

The man stuck his head in crocodile mouths people! The fact that he survived his first time is astonishing, not alone that he got rich off a career of doing "don't do this at home" type stunts which most people would die from.

I hope the Darwin awards give this guy some kind of special honor for staving off death so long. And plus, in the pantheon of ways to die like a man, I think this guy just skyrocketted to first place by "getting stabbed in the chest by a stingray."

I feel for his wife and kid, but as for him -- I'm neither surprised nor sympathetic. You do stuff like that (particularly on a routine basis), you get dead.

I just wish it had been a crocodile which did him in. I would have loved that extra helping of irony.

So am I being insensitive?

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Journal Journal: And it goes on...

So the mechanic gave me a loaner yesterday while he's fixing my car (due to bullshit noted in previous JE).

I went to take the loaner to the supermarket today (becaues it's been three weeks since I could pick up any food and my place has been emptied)... and it won't start!

Anyone have any good tactics for suing the ass off a mechanic? Preferably ones where I am indemnified from burning his place down (I kid, but I wish I weren't :/).

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Journal Journal: [Auto Mechanics] I just didn't get it. 4


My car's been dead for almost 3 weeks now (if not a month).

The mechanic was supposed to fix my car, it was supposed to be ready early this week. I gave him $600 in cash two weeks ago (he came highly recommended by a friend) and I was supposed to pay the remainder once the car was ready.

I called on Tuesday to see the status, and he said he still hadn't ordered the engine, but he would and the car would be ready Friday, and I'd need to bring the rest of the money on Friday.

Now it's Friday, and I've called him, and he _still_ hasn't ordered the engine because he can't order it until I pay him the remainder of the balance.


This was my first car (this is what happens when you live in NYC for too long and then go elsewhere), and I guess I just didn't really get auto mechanics. I should have known. And I should have called every day instead of letting things go and calling at the end when I was told it would be ready.

I'm going crazy, I've been weeks without a car, I haven't shopped for food in ages and am completely out of everything at home... grrr.

Sorry for all the ranty/bitchy JEs lately, it's just been a frustrating month for me.

Thanks for pretending to listen ;)

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