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Journal Journal: Updating the Blacklist 17

I've been out of town for the previous week and didn't have an opportunity to update the blacklist. My apologies to all who were looking for updates.

That being said, I've updated the list to include some new troll accounts associated with Anti-Slash and the GNAA. Beware when submitting accounts to me that some of the information in the "comments in need of moderation" on Anti-Slash is false. It was discussed in the forum and agreed on to include some comments that aren't reposted or that aren't trolls for the purpose of confusing Slashdot readers that visit. On the other hand, if you can find the original post or if the post really is a troll, then by all means submit it to me.

Also, if you see suspicious accounts on Slashdot, even if they don't associate themselves directly with Anti-Slash, by all means submit them to me. I don't want to add them to the blacklist just on the basis of a bit of suspicious activity, but I will add them to a list of suspicious accounts which will be posted here.

Thank you for your continuing help in stopping the Anti-Slash abuses of Slashdot.

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Journal Journal: The Anti-Slash Blacklist 22 exists for the goal of wreaking havoc on Slashdot and making it unreadable in hopes of forcing the editors of this site to give in to their demands.

The purpose of this blacklist is to mark the Anti-Slash troll accounts as foes. You can then mark this account, Anti-Slash blacklist, as a friend. Then make a visit to your comment preferences and set "foes of friends" to -6. As long as you don't browse at -1, you will be able to avoid viewing much of the junk posted by Anti-Slash trolls.

To help keep this blacklist up to date, you can show me posts of any sort made by trolls from Anti-Slash. If it's a repost of another highly rated post, plagiarized from another site, a "bait-and-switch" mirror, a shock site, or some other kind of abuse and you can provide evidence to back this up, the account from which the abuse came from will be added to this blacklist. For now, post any reports of Anti-Slash abuse in the journal. It is recommended you post anonymously to avoid being harassed by Anti-Slash users. Shortly, an e-mail account will be created for the sole purpose of accepting reports of Anti-Slash trolling.

Also, this account will not have any friends, so it will not interfere with your use of the "friends of friends" bonus that you can assign.

Thank you for your help in assembling this blacklist.

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