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Comment Re:Why am I on your blacklist? (Score 1) 17

When this blacklist was created, the proof required to add an account to the list was lower than it is now. You were accused of reposting and by the standard then, you were added to the blacklist. Upon checking your history, it seems that it may indeed have been in error that you were added. You will be removed from the blacklist. I apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.

Also, to add a user to the blacklist now for reposting, one must provide a link to the original comment to prove that it is indeed a repost. If this cannot be provided, there is not enough evidence to add the user to the blacklist and the complaint will be ignored. That's the system for now.

A project that I am developing is to create my own database tool by which to check comments against that are supposed reposts. It would appear that the Anti-Slash trolls have a feature to hide a post in the search once it has been reposted. While the database tool will not be brought online publicly because of concerns of a possible DDoS attack, posts will be verified and if there is doubt, I will be able to provide a link to the original comment and the reposted comment.

Hopefully that clears everything up, and once again, I apologize for you being falsely added to the blacklist.

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