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Journal Anti$$$$$exy's Journal: ALL YE WHO HATE $$$$$exyGal 15

Thanks for coming. This meeting is now in order. Any comments? Let me start off by saying that this menace must be stopped at all cost. She is ruining slashdot.

I remember the days of slashdot yesterday, when trolls were king, and slashbots were terrorized. But now, now things are changing. A new wave of slashbot idiocy is upon us. That slashbot is called $$$$$exyGal.

I know what you are thinking: "$$$$$exyGal is not a slashbot! She is a fucking troll!". But is she, really? Come now. Just look at her posts. She posts dozens of times per day, and yet she is moderated upwards over 75% of the time! That is not a troll, my friend, that is a FUCKING slashbot.

What do we do with slashbots? IRRITATE THE FUCK OUT OF THEM!:
  1. Reply to ALL of her posts with utter garbage.
  2. Moderate ALL of her posts as overrated. What? You don't have 25 /. accounts with moderator access? You are a FUCK. What are you waiting for? Go and create several dozen slashdot accounts and put them in storage for about a year. After that year is up, go and occasionally karma whore, and read posts with each one. You'll have 25 accounts with moderator access in no time.
  3. Misquote what she says, make wild accusations, etc. You know, do what kindergartners do to piss off each other. For example, if she says "For once and for all, I am not ekrout", then you quote her as saying "hi, I'm a manwhore, where can I find more genitals?"
  4. Add "$$$$$exyGal is a homosexual man AKA ekrout." to your signature (or something like it, be original, pansies). If you want, link that signature to here, or somewhere else with an anti-$$$$$exy message.
  5. Spread the word, and join forces.
  6. Collect evidence from $$$$$exyGal's posts that show he is a hypocrite. Post that information here so we can all use it.
  7. Watch $$$$$exyGal's posts very carefully to catch when he accidentally refers to himself as a man. I think I saw a post like that several months ago, but I can't find it now. If you find that post, or others like it, post the info here!
  8. Collect more evidence that shows he is ekrout. Yes, I know that he is a fan-whore just like ekrout, but we need more. Find posts that ekrout made and compare them with $$$$$exyGal posts. Find sentences that are very similar, and post the info here.
  9. Create an account name similar to $$$$$exyGal and karma whore it up, all the while mentioning your agenda against $$$$$exyGal.
  10. Pretend to be her fan, so you can keep track of her journal and posts.

This is just a small list of things we can do, my friends. More later. Now it's time to annoy, anger, and FUCK.

Special thanks to TrollBurger for giving me this idea. As you can see, he has already contributed.

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ALL YE WHO HATE $$$$$exyGal

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  • hmm (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Dark Lord Seth ( 584963 ) on Wednesday March 05, 2003 @10:26AM (#5440203) Journal

    Do we (we being all people who hate sexygal's annoying whoring, including myself) have to act like this?

  • Ebay... (Score:2, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward
    Well, I'd just like to point you to that [] auction.. Insane, isn't it?
    I guess someone made cash karmawhoring..
    The auction was won Feb22nd... Probably not $$$'s account, but another karmawhore, maybe?
    Imagine paying for that account and finding out the name is "goatcxboy" or something.. haha
  • pr0n is crap! $$$$sexygirl is a freak. I wish there was a way to eliminate users from your view. I also wish there were a way to get those crapy NewScientist posts (I don't care why I sneeze.) To escape blocking anonymous posting, you could use one of a plethera of anonymous proxies available. here is a sample [] I may try to write a perl script that can take advantage of these proxies and reply the crap to $$$sexygirl.

Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards. -- Aldous Huxley