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Comment Re: Maybe they just don't like the shows? (Score 2) 858

Meh, guilty as charged to pretty much all of that.

If what you said works then I'm envious.. I accepted having to choose between sitting through some crap while cuddling or no cuddling and possibly a speech a long time ago.

I do complain about the shows though, it's no secret that I don't like them. Why women (or at least the subset I've known) absolutely insist on forcing us to watch stuff with them that they _know_ we hate is beyond me, but it's a thing and I (like I suspect many others) gave up fighting it a long time ago.

Comment Re: Maybe they just don't like the shows? (Score 4, Insightful) 858

So much actual this.

And beyond that, when your GF does sit through one of "your shows" she's usually doing something else, whereas for whatever reason I feel guys are compelled to watch what's on the TV even if we hate it to our core.

There are certainly legit social issues relating to gender inequality, but I wish we could find a balance and accept that yes, there _are_ actually differences between how men and women generally behave and that may not actually be a bad thing.

Comment Re: So... (Score 1) 190

I admit it's mostly a psychological thing for me, objectively you're probably 100% right.

That said, I have certainly been considering moving a big chunk (at least half) of it into a low to mid risk index fund (I'm Canadian and lean towards tangerine for that kind of thing).

In general I'm in the Canadian couch potato crowd (primarily relying on index funds and self balanced ETF allocations). I've played with investopedia enough to learn that individual securities trading is probably a terrible idea for me.

And since it's life story time, I'm on the "live within my means, balance between mid and long term goals and enjoying life while young and healthy, retire comfortably within a reasonable timeframe" plan, but I have respect for the live frugal retire well and early plan.

Comment Re: So... (Score 2) 190

I keep about 6 months living expenses in a plain-ol savings account (earns %0.8 interest) for accessibility and safety. Sure I could dump that money in with the rest of my investments and risk eating a loss if I need it at the wrong time, but I prefer the peace of mind of knowing I have that money available and can use it worry free if required.

Comment Sorry, still nope (Score 4, Interesting) 101

Opera is still (and will probably always be) that weird guy no one really likes but few have specific complaints about.

Personally I'm strongly debating switching to chromium because firefox has gone to shit and palemoon doesn't look long for this world unfortunately. I never even considered opera, but despite this reminder that they are still around and despite my admission that I don't really have anything specific against them, I'm still not going to.

Comment Re:Depends on the content surely (Score 1) 192

This entirely.

Another thing where paper wins out over tech is writing space. When I'm working on something complicated I like to have it all spread out so I can quickly see everything and re-arrange as appropriate. Scrolling around on a screen (or even a few screens) just doesn't have the same utility as a conference room table and a pile of paper printouts for some things.

Comment Meh (Score 2) 460

This is borderline bait at this point.

Can this example finally serve as a textbook example of why you need to make offsite backups that are physically removed from the systems you're archiving?

There are plenty of examples already and keeping a set of backups physically disconnected from running infrastructure is pretty well established practice, with random software bugs and screw ups being just one of many reasons. That said people will continue to have all their backups fully accessible (and destroyable) or just not back things up at all and things like this will continue to happen.

Guy can possibly recover the data, but the company is probably still screwed reputation wise.

Comment Re:Inflated view and click counts (Score 1) 356

Hmm, that's a good point. I suppose the solution from the advertisers perspective is to switch back to flat rates / advertising based on anticipated traffic (though then you're back into the problem of what's to stop a site owner from lying through their teeth. I can't wait till we get the equivalent to Nielsen ratings for the internet driving ad rates.

Comment Re:The one lesson developers should learn (Score 2) 39

Indeed, it's pretty hard to develop software without depending on _something_. The stuff I work on is quite far removed from the web, but we depend on a whole pile of third party libraries and tools. Best you can do is abstract 3rd party stuff within the realm of practicality and accept occasionally having to migrate to something else as a cost of business.

Comment Re:No such thing (Score 4, Insightful) 356

I'm largely of this mindset, but as I said in an earlier comment somewhere, it's pretty hard to know what's being tracked or passed along on the server side. Server side tracking is more difficult than tracking that largely relies on client side mechanisms, but only just, and if pushback continues I think that's what we're going to see.

I for one would love to see more containerization on the browser side (prevent those facebook cookies from being sent unless you're actually on facebook) to become the norm, but unfortunately the rise of content distribution networks makes it hard to do this generically without breaking all the things, and a lot of people actually like the whole "oh, it knows my facebook, cool!" thing.

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