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Submission + - I'm Thinking. Please. Be Quiet. (

hessian writes: Then, around 1850, Schopenhauer pronounced noise to be the supreme archenemy of any serious thinker.

  His argument against noise was simple: A great mind can have great thoughts only if all its powers of concentration are brought to bear on one subject, in the same way that a concave mirror focuses light on one point. Just as a mighty army becomes useless if its soldiers are scattered helter-skelter, a great mind becomes ordinary the moment its energies are dispersed.

And nothing disrupts thought the way noise does, Schopenhauer declared, adding that even people who are not philosophers lose whatever ideas their brains can carry in consequence of brutish jolts of sound.


Submission + - Link between H1N1 and Flu Vaccines confirmed in 5 studies, recreated in ferrets. (

An anonymous reader writes: A Vancouver researcher's findings help strengthen the evidence that the "Flu Shot" is linked to the H1N1 virus. 5 separate studies confirmed initial findings which noted the link, but were dismissed as a "Canadian problem" when other studies claimed different results in their findings. Now the link has been demonstrated as the study has been recreated in ferrets, which casts serious doubt on the claim that the initial studies were flawed.

Submission + - Next big drug discovery made possible by video gam (

hlovy writes: It is likely that the next big breakthrough in drug discovery will arise from simulations performed by chemists on powerful new graphics cards (GPUs), and for that you can thank your kids--or adults--who demand more and more realistic action from their video games. Chemical & Engineering News has an in-depth report on "The GPU Revolution" in chemistry and drug discovery, which discusses the "torrent of data" that has become available just in the last three years resulting in "a revolution in how molecular simulations are carried out."

Submission + - Rare Dead Quasar Found in Nearby Galaxy (

An anonymous reader writes: One of the universe’s brightest lights, a black hole-driven quasar in a nearby galaxy, recently shut off like a snuffed candle. New observations of a bizarre cloud of glowing gas, and a nearby galaxy that illuminates it, show that the galaxy’s central light went dim sometime in the last 70,000 years. The finding could reveal how supermassive black holes help galaxies grow and evolve. A new clue comes from Hannys Voorwerp, a weird cloud of glowing green gas found in Galaxy Zoo ( archival telescope data in 2007. The Voorwerp (Dutch for object) was thought to be lit up by a nearby quasar zapping it with a floodlight-like jet of ionizing radiation.

Submission + - Hacker removing Christian Videos from Youtube (

RobertBrownell writes: Using identity theft, a hacker has been successfully removing Christian Videos off of YouTube. By claiming to be the author of the videos, the hacker goes to Youtube's Copyright Infringement page, demanding that YouTube remove the Video.
Once YouTube removes a video, anyone who tries to access it sees this...

It is assumed that the hacker is a Christian, with a certain religious bent, because he/she only seems to focus on removing specific Christian messages, regarding Heaven and Hell. Primarily Mary K Baxter, Choo Thomas and the testimony of 7 Columbian Youths. These messages are powerful revelations but also controversial, focusing on God's love and judgment, and usually too strong for most pulpits.

The authors of these Videos, Mary K Baxter and Choo Thomas have been informed of their videos being removed, and are upset that their testimonies are unavailable.

The hacker has repeatedly filed bogus Youtube Copyright Complaints, even though the removed videos have been re-uploaded to Youtube.

The hacker would first go to G-Mail, and sign up for a new email address with the author’s name. He would then do a little research about the author, in order to make the copyright complaint sound realistic. With YouTube’s policy, videos are taken down instantly, then the owner needs to go through a Copyright Counter-Notification (here). But even after this, the videos often don't get back up.

The owner of the videos then gets a bunch of emails from YouTube telling him each video that was removed.

To see the Authors that the hacker has taken down, Google Search these Topics
        Mary K. Baxter's Revelation of Hell
        Mary K. Baxter's Revelation of Heaven
        Choo Thomas Heaven is so Real
        the 7 Columbian Youths Revelation of Hell
        the 7 Columbian Youths Revelation of Heaven


Submission + - Does Online Shopping Actually Increase Pollution? (

destinyland writes: British researchers have reached a startling conclusion. Unless online shoppers order 25 items at a time, they're polluting more than if they shopped at their local mall. An environmental benefit only occurs "if online shopping replaces 3.5 traditional shopping trips, or if 25 orders are delivered at the same time, or, if the distance traveled to where the purchase is made is more than 50 kilometers. Shopping online does not offer net environmental benefits unless these criteria are met." The study was conducted by Newcastle University's Institution of Engineering and Technology, which blames the environmental impact of transportation, warning that "policy makers must do their homework to ensure that rebound effects do not negate the positive benefits of their policy initiatives..." But one technology site notes the study was conducted in Britain, which could have an impact on its conclusions. While some countries "have excellent mass transit systems that are easy to use and cover extensive areas making it a better choice for travel than automobiles... In yet other spread out rural areas cars are the only way to travel."

Submission + - Computers in Patient Care

ChelleChelle writes: Information technology has the potential to radically transform health care by providing a variety of advantages ranging from a decrease in medical errors and paperwork to improved patient safety and care. Yet progress over the last several decades as been slow. In this article Dr. Stephen Cantrill discusses the history of HIT (health information technology), examining why so many efforts in this field have failed. In doing so he pinpoints some of the major challenges that still exist today in the application of medical informatics to the daily practice of health care. Foremost amongst these challenges are the issues of developing an effective human-machine interface as well as the reliability and availability of systems.

Submission + - Hybrid PC - Intel / ARM (

An anonymous reader writes: Instant-on OSes aren’t unusual these days on laptop computers, generally offering a fast-booting Linux based environment for basic multimedia playback, internet browsing and email that’s separate from the core OS. However, CUPP Computing is taking a different approach; the Norwegian firm has created what it describes as a hybrid PC, with a regular X86 processor for day-to-day tasks in Windows 7 together with a low-power ARM processor, both of which can access all the notebook’s ports and peripherals... Users can flip between the two using Alt-Tab, for instance continuing browsing using the ARM environment when the Windows 7 side is busy processing video.

Submission + - Cache on Delivery (

jamie writes: "If you already know what memcached is, skim to slide #17. The jaw-drop will happen around slide #33. Turns out many websites expose their totally-non-protected memcached interface to the internet, including gowalla, and PBS."

Submission + - Starcraft II getting panned by users ( 5

blackholepcs writes: A story over at shows that not everyone is happy with their shiny new Starcraft II game. Here is an excerpt :

The biggest problem that users can’t seem to get over, is the fact that they consider Starcraft II to be an ‘incomplete game’. A lot of user reviews have scored the game just one star out of five, stating that they shouldn’t have to pay $60 for 1/3 of the full game.

Have you played the game yet? Is the negative feedback justified for Starcraft II or not?


Submission + - Google exec frustrated by Java, C++ complexity (

angry tapir writes: "Today's commercial-grade programming languages — C++ and Java, in particular — are way too complex and not adequately suited for today's computing environments, Google distinguished engineer Rob Pike argued in a talk at the O'Reilly Open Source Conference. Pike made his case against such "industrial programming languages" during his keynote at the conference in Portland, Oregon."

Your Feces Is a Wonderland of Viruses 211

sciencehabit writes "Thanks to an anlaysis of fecal samples from four sets of Missouri-born female identical twins and their mothers, researchers have concluded that human guts harbor viruses as unique as the people they inhabit; the viral lineup differs even between identical twins. Even more surprising? These viruses may be doing good work inside of us."

Given Truth, the Misinformed Believe Lies More Screenshot-sm 961

SharpFang writes "In a series of studies in 2005 and 2006, researchers at the University of Michigan found that misinformed people, particularly political partisans, rarely changed their minds when exposed to corrected facts in news stories. In fact, they often became even more strongly set in their beliefs. Facts, they found, were not curing misinformation. Like an underpowered antibiotic, facts could actually make misinformation even stronger."

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