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Comment Re:My woman is fat..... (Score 1) 202

If you look at the graphs of weight versus health, for men, after a high risk of death if excessively thin, the risk increases slowly with weight, until they are one kilo past the "obese mark", then it rises rapidly.

for women, after a high risk of death if excessively thin, the risk decreases slowly with weight, until they are one kilo past the "obese mark", then it rises rapidly.

Clearly it is not the weight that kills, but the label obese that kills.

Disclaimer: I routinely suspect medical science is bullshit, based on the fact that the most obvious conclusion from properly analysing the results is that the authors dont have the slightest clue statistics.

Comment Re:Er, What? How about ALL OF THEM? (Score 3, Interesting) 60

However, now we have more than 7 apps on our phones, PLEASE, PLEASE can we get rid of those *&^% stupid icons and have drop down text menus instead - EVEN WHEN ITS IN PHONE MODE.

If I wanted to learn the meaning of hundreds of icons, I would leant Kanji - its been tested as a UI for over 4,000 years, is used by several billion people, and is far more useful than some idiot phone UI that will be replaced in about 18 months.

Comment Re:god no (Score 4, Interesting) 191

While there are exceptions, the general rule in English is that names should not be in use in the language already. The simplest way to achieve this is to use a word that belongs in another language - particularly if this provides some contextual guidance as to its meaning. Real or fake Greek words are associated with the concept of science.

We associated the idea of descriptive names with other cultures, and do not call our daughters things like "cloud-flower" (although we do use Fern, Ivy, April, etc).

Comment Re:For every one of you (Score 2) 278

Very, very few apps are even worth $0. The vast majority are worth even less, given the amount of time they waste to deliver a negative experience, and the time to get rid of them afterwards.

I have paid over $10 for a couple of apps, but most of the ones I paid $1-$2 for have turned out to be worth MINUS$5 - I will probably not buy more than 2 more apps in my life.

I hope that in a couple of years, it will be possible to stop kids accidentally buying Ferraris by fat-fingering the "shoot" button, the industry will have learned that in-game ads don't sell meaningful product. Shortly afterwards the ad-funded model will be dead. if we want to buy stuff, we search for it.

Comment Re:What I think? (Score 1) 1052

Despite what any FIntech company does, financial services, legal services, healthcare services etc. will never be replaced by robots.

I went into my bank last week. There was a long queue. The staff said that 2/3 of their number were going to be laid off, because of machines being installed inside the branch for paying in, and for doing other stuff. I went back this week, and sure enough, half the staff had gone, and I paid in my money in seconds using a machine that counted the notes.

Most robots don't have legs. Probably most sexbots won't have legs either. I havn't met one yet, so I don't know.

Have you any proof that I have not been replaced by a robot?

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