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Comment Re:FBI bait? (Score 1) 1127

Maybe you are not aware that the article and discussion you have linked to have no evidence of rick-rolling with the bait.

Right, but even that article acknowledged that the potential for abuse is definitely there:
"Civil libertarians warn that anyone who clicks on a hyperlink advertising something illegal--perhaps found while Web browsing or received through e-mail--could face the same fate."

Show me evidence of 3rd parties deliberately rick-rolling innocents with FBI controlled kiddie porn URLs or go home.

Unlike canajin56, I don't claim that "FBI rolling" has actually happened -- just that it's very possible. No need to be an asshole about it.

Comment Re:The Possibilities (Score 1) 201

As long as we're talking about things that could never even come close to happening to anyone on this site, why bother with the invisibility cloak? You could just as easily jump out the bedroom window, land on your pegasus, which is floating just outside said window, and fly off to your Fortress of Solitude, which is totally not your parents' basement.

Comment Re:The cool kids don't care (Score 1) 146

If you're talking about single machine SMP, Solaris will go to 256 way SMP on available machines from Sun. Linux can do 1024-way Itanium2. With NUMA architecture things can get even bigger

I'm sorry, are you suggesting there is a 1024-way SMP architecture available, and a 256-way SPARC system is not NUMA?

You're confused, man.

XBox (Games)

Xbox 360 Failure Rate Is 54.2% 607

Colonel Korn writes "The Seattle PI Blog is reporting that a soon to be published Game Informer survey finally shows the failure rate of XBOX 360s: 54%! The survey also shows the rates of failure for the PS3 (11%) and Wii (7%). Impressively, only 4% of respondents said they wouldn't buy a new 360 because of hardware failures."

Submission + - 'Vanish' Makes Sensitive Data Self-Destruct

Hugh Pickens writes: "The NY Times reports on new software called "Vanish" developed by computer scientists at the University of Washington that makes sensitive electronic messages "self destruct" after a certain period of time. The researchers say they have struck upon a unique approach that relies on "shattering" an encryption key that is held by neither party in an e-mail exchange but is widely scattered across a peer-to-peer file sharing system. "Our goal was really to come up with a system where, through a property of nature, the message, or the data, disappears," says Amit Levy who helped create Vanish, released as a free, open-source tool that works with the Firefox browser. To work, both the sender and the recipient must have installed the tool. The sender then highlights any sensitive text entered into the browser and presses the "Vanish" button. The tool encrypts the information with a key unknown even to the sender. That text can be read, for a limited time only, when the recipient highlights the text and presses the "Vanish" button to unscramble it. After eight hours the message will be impossible to unscramble and will remain gibberish forever. Tadayoshi Kohno says Vanish makes it possible to control the "lifetime" of any type of data stored in the cloud, including information on Facebook, Google documents or blogs. "Today many people pick up the phone when they want to talk with a lawyer or have a private conversation," Kohno said. "But more and more communication is happening online. Vanish is designed to give people the same privacy for e-mail and the Web that they expect for a phone conversation.""

Submission + - Women Engineers and Workplace Sexism

yali writes: Women in traditionally male-dominated fields like math and engineering face the extra burden that their performance, beyond reflecting on them individually, might be taken as broader confirmation of stereotypes if they perform poorly. A newly published series of experiments tested the effects of such stereotype threat among engineering students. Standardized observations showed that male engineering students who had previously expressed subtle sexist attitudes on a pretest were more likely, when talking with a female engineering student about work issues, to adopt a domineering posture and to display signs of sexual interest (such as noticeably looking at the woman's body). In the next 2 experiments, female engineering students were randomly assigned in one experiment to interact with males who had endorsed different levels of subtle sexism, and in a second experiment with an actor who randomly either displayed or did not display the domineering/sexual nonverbal behaviors. Women performed worse on an engineering test after interacting with the randomly-assigned sexist males (or males simulating sexists' nonverbal behavior). In another experiment, women's poorer performance was shown to be limited to stereotype-related tests, not a broad cognitive deficit. In a final experiment, interacting with a domineering/sexually interested male caused women to have temporarily elevated concern about negative stereotypes, which they subsequent attempted to suppress (thought suppression being a well-known resource hog). The results indicate that even subtle sexism can be toxic in workplace environments where women are traditionally targets of discrimination.

Submission + - Kernel hacker -ck quits ( 2

vmarks writes: Kernel hacker Con Kolivas has quit submitting kernel patches. He talks with about Linux for the desktop, the performance issues he tried to rectify, and why he will now spend his time learning Japanese instead of developing improvements for the Linux kernel.

Submission + - TopCoder Community Builds Its Own UML Tool

An anonymous reader writes: Today TopCoder unveiled a new UML Tool: an easy to use, consistent modeling tool for use in Design and Development competitions. The new tool was built to model sequence, class, use case, and activity diagrams. Though this project was to follow the standard TopCoder component methodology, it was unique in one important respect. Rather than TopCoder staff leading the effort, everything — including project management and architecture, from soup to nuts — was to be done by TopCoder members. Full story at =umltool&d3=description

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