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Comment Re:It's all about ME, ME, ME. (Score 1) 255

Yeah, it's simply idiotic to follow up stuff you're written with other writings concerning things you're interested in. I mean, who does that? And why would you? Promotion... even worse, self promotion. The worst kind of promotion.

I want to live in a world where no one writes or does or creates anything. And certainly never follows up on anything they've written or done or created. That'd be the best world ever!

Comment You can't protect rights you don't have (Score 2) 306

They're complaining that the courts and government are not protecting their rights. Their copyrights.

But copyrights exist at the discretion of the government. If 17 USC 107 provides a fair use exception to copyright. And if time shifting is fair use. Then there are no rights to protect.

It's not the government's job to protect your IP rights. The government grants you a monopoly covering certain aspects of a work. If the government decides that time shifting is not a violation of copyrights, you don't have that right. Deal with it.

Comment This is not a religious rights issue (Score 1) 851

This has nothing to do with religious rights. This is about these women making asinine choices. If their religion bars them from being nurses, then they shouldn't be nurses. It's really that simple.

Can you imagine a muslim woman being hired to work as a stripper and then suing because she has to take her clothes off? Does anyone think she has a right to work as a fully clothed stripper?

The Amish are doing it right. Rather than force modern society to bend to their outdated religious notions, they remove themselves from modern society. So should those so called nurses.

Comment Queen of Pointless Analogies (Score 1) 181

"Allowing a candidate out of nowhere to use the profession of 'astronaut' when he hasn’t served in that profession recently is akin to allowing someone to use a title of 'sailor' when they no longer own or operate a ship,"

- California GOP spokeswoman Jennifer Kerns

Yes it is. What's your point?

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