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Social Networks

Submission + - Sports Algorithms and Better Product Recommendatio (

AnimusF6 writes: "Slashdot users howlingfrog(211,151) and animusf6 (765,091) recently launched a new site, It is a new kind of e-commerce website. We are taking a new approach at how product recommendations are calculated. Instead of following the traditional path of statistical data-mining, howlingfrog has developed an algorithm using techniques similar to those used to rank college sports teams. We're starting to see some interesting results, but we need more data! So we're turning to you, the Slashdot community, to visit the site and create lists of products that you like to help us put our algorithm through some more strenous tests!"

Feed Science Daily: New Type Of Active Galaxy Discovered (

Astronomers have discovered a new class of active galactic nuclei. By using Swift and Suzaku, the team has found that a relatively common class of AGN has escaped detection...until now. These objects are so heavily shrouded in gas and dust that virtually no light gets out.

Submission + - The molecule that might combat SARS 1

votenoone2008 writes: Researchers at Mayo Clinic in Rochester have discovered a molecule that could combat Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). It counteracts the enzyme that allows SARS to replicate and a patent filed by the researchers suggests that — since it resembles Tamiflu — it might also help combat Bird Flu. It was discovered through computer simulations and has yet to be trialled, but it could perhaps make a very useful drug.

"Crowd Farm" to Collect Energy? 357

Cain writes to mention that a couple of MIT students would like to harness the mechanical power of large groups of people. "A Crowd Farm in Boston's South Station railway terminal would work like this: A responsive sub-flooring system made up of blocks that depress slightly under the force of human steps would be installed beneath the station's main lobby. The slippage of the blocks against one another as people walked would generate power through the principle of the dynamo, a device that converts the energy of motion into that of an electric current."

Submission + - Which HDTV to buy?

loafula writes: I'm in the market for a new television. As far as getting the most bang for my buck, what should I go with; LCD or Plasma? I'd like to keep the price down as much as possible. How about these companies like Niko, Vizio, Scepter or Westinghouse? Do they make good products, or am I better off spending a few hundred more on a Panasonic or Sony?
Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - RPG Player Kidnapped for Password

mattOzan writes: "A top RPG gamer was kidnapped in Brazil after responding to a "honeypot" date on Orkut with one of the kidnapper's girlfriends. The victim was held alone for five hours with a gun to his head as the gang of four tried to get his account password for GunBound, which they wanted to sell for US$8,000. After he refused to speak, the victim was eventually released. Brazilian police have captured the suspects, who range in age from 19 to 27."

Submission + - Skype also affected by supposed Firefox bug

juct writes: "The latest security problem associated with URL handling seems to be a Windows problem rather than one of Firefox. As heise Security found out, other applications like Skype and Miranda show the same behaviour as Firefox: if Internet Explorer 7 is installed on a Windows XP system, a click on certain URLs can launch other applications like the Windows calculator. Problematic protocols include mailto:, nntp:, news: snews: and telnet:."

Submission + - FCC to Rule on Wireless Auction ( 1

vthokie69 writes: "The FCC is expected to rule tomorrow regarding the open access requirement proposal for the upcoming radio spectrum auction. Lobbying has been intense on both sides of the issue with Google proposing requirements of open access and the conventional carriers such as AT&T and Verizon lobbying against it. The open access requirement looks promising with the FCC chairman and many members of congress supporting it. Apparently, AT&T reversed their position to support the FCC chairman's position after Google committed to spending at least 4.6 billion on the airwaves if their conditions were met."

Submission + - Electric car to change the industry?

An anonymous reader writes: is running an article about a Norwegian car company that is hooking up with Google, Tesla, and others to bring an electric car to market that might change the automotive industry the way Dell changed the computer industry.

Submission + - Turn The Deserts Green by Killing Desal Costs (

cakilmer writes: "I visited the Annual American Membrane Technology Association meeting in Las Vegas last week. These membranes support water desalination. 15 or 20 new plants are in planning stage to be built along coastal California. But there's no new water sources for the southwest. People are still streaming in and the big Hoover dam is half full and falling. What to do? The answer is to invest the money to collapse the cost of water desalination and transport so water in the western deserts is as cheap as water on the East Coast. Is this doable? You bet."

Submission + - Comcast Terms Change: You Lose Right to Sue (

dupeisdead writes: "Thankfully I don't even have the option to use Comcast where I live, but this is troubling. Almost all companies "reserve the right to change the contract" blah blah blah, but very few people actually read that. Comcast wishes to change existing contract with customers... Why would Comcast need to change this provision, and would this actually hold up if it came to it?"

Submission + - Russia hopes to win back the North Pole

mernil writes: "Santa Claus might soon be a Russian citizen. At least, that is the hope of well-known Arctic explorer Artur Chilingarov, who will lead Arctic 2007, one of the biggest expeditions in the history of polar research. [...] Chilingarov acknowledges the expedition's geopolitical goal: "We want to prove that Russia is a great polar power." A titanium capsule with the Russian flag will be dropped to the bottom as evidence of this. In other words, Russia will publicly stake its claim to the North Pole."

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