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Comment Should have called Google first! (Score 2) 209

Google could have archived all that data like no one else on the planet. Canadian universities and libraries should have called them in before the obviously incompetent people showed up (or maybe save places not visited yet). Reminds me of the phrase: "We are from the government and we are here to help you."

Comment USPS Been Great Least Common Denominator (Score 2) 713

Sad to see the USPS getting worse and worse over the years. It has been a very successful least common communications denominator for over 200 years. It delivers all over the world and does a great job doing so. I would have been using them almost exclusively all along if they would have had a package tracking system like the other guys. USPS keeps rural areas connected to everything else. It is still amazing to me that I can be in such far off places as Hawaii, Guam, or Palau and for less than 50 cents send a letter or postcard to someone living at the bottom of the Grand Canyon or middle of Maine and almost never fail it gets there and quickly (3-5 days). This is definitely not the case in some other countries. Of course I know the Internet has changed things (been using Internet since 91), but still things such as legal contracts, business with governmental departments, shipping of precious metals, etc are still done largely via US Postal service because of its reliability and legal protections.

I think the USPS is a public good and an important part of keeping such a large country with spread out citizens on more equal level. Does this mean they need to find ways to be more efficient? Sure! Does this mean they need to compete with fully private companies? Sure! But I think we need them to stay around and be healthy. This means tax payer money needs to added in because some parts of the business will never be very profitable. Someone needs to deliver the things to people who do not live in high populated areas and the letters to Santa.

Comment Thank You for Your Dedication and Service. (Score 1) 1521


I have been reading and a part of the community since 1998 (or 99?) when I worked for the University of Georgia in computer services. The articles and comments were the best and most up to date on tech and open source information out there for years. I checked the site multiple times a day and sometimes still do. Thank you again for helping create Slashdot and democratizing information plus helping gives others a voice (that said, sometimes the high school kids were a bit much ;) ).

No matter what you can always remember fondly of the term that was spawned from the success of your creation: the dreaded Slashdotting of websites!

Thank you again and I wish you all the best in whatever you endeavor to do!

Best regards,


Comment Re:Thoughts and Prayers to the Japanese (Score 1) 673

I lived in the Osaka area for about a year to year and half total. I only had 2 instances of jerky people (maybe 3?). Pretty good considering I also traveled all around Kansai, Shikoku, and parts of Kyushu. I do not know much about you personally or present day Tokyo guys to be honest. Tokyo is a big city so probably just like many there are a lot more snobs or it could be how you act towards others? I had a good experience and have been back to the Kansai area many times since living there and continue to enjoy myself.

I did know about the freaking out and hoarding at the grocery stores. Panic makes people do things like that. My friends who live in the Tokyo area sent Facebook updates. That same type of stuff happens in US when a snowstorm or hurricane might be coming. Compare after an actual disaster like Katrina, and you see the real difference with the way Japanese citizens reacted.

Thank you for your reply and stay safe! (and enjoy living in Japan if you can--of course there are some jerks like everywhere, but lots of good people too)


Comment Thoughts and Prayers to the Japanese (Score 3, Insightful) 673

Japan is a great country and the Japanese wonderful people. I lived there in the 90's and loved it. They are showing tremendous resolve and strength during a natural disaster that just keeps on going. It seems like almost everyday I see a headline of yet another 7.x aftershock. Yet they are repairing their infrastructure at an incredible rate and keeping as much control over what they can better than anyone.

If and when the US has another natural disaster, I hope we can come somewhere close to what they are doing. The Japanese people's efforts are not only helping Japan, but much of the world. Many critical components and products for many industries are made or flow through Japan. If Japan were to stop or slow down noticeably, it would seriously affect economies all over the world including the US.


Comment DIY IP Based Security System (Score 1) 825

When I was searching for a DIY home security system I turned to Slashdot too. Reading through the comments I found some possible companies to go with. I settled on Ingrid, who has since changed their name to LifeShield. I installed everything myself and have been happy with the service for over 3 years.

www.lifeshield.com (used to be ingridhome.com)

I just went to their site and was surprised to see Dan Marino pop out and endorse the system. Maybe that is to drum up sales in Florida? LOL


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