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Submission + - ACS:Law threaten with libel - Wank plan ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: ACS:Law have turned from sending threatening claims to a huge number of people (15000 according to a recent BBC article; to going after the forum on which many innocent recipients are organising and communicating ways to fight back against the mistaken allegations. ACS:Law have demanded removal of 3 entire threads, totalling over 10000 posts with 11 examples of defamation (see download link in article). All of the examples given are opinion, and many are entirely laughable. How can stating you hope a lawyer 'chokes on his mince pies' be defamation or calling the whole scheme a 'wank plan'.

In doing so ACS:Law have proven they are willing not only to abuse the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act to go after innocent people, they also want to abuse British Libel law against a foreign website to prevent people from even discussing their actions!

The House of Lords has also seen fit to weigh into the debate, as is shown in the Slyck article. Readers might also find the videos of these proceedings of interest —


Submission + - Has Emily Howell passed the Turing Test? ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: "Why not develop music in ways unknown...? If beauty is present, it is present." That's Emily Howell talking — a computer program written in LISP by U.C. Santa Cruz professor David Cope. (While Cope insists he's a music professor first, "he manages to leverage his knowledge of computer science into some highly sophisticated AI programming.") Classical musicians refuse to perform Emily's compositions, and Cope says they believe "the creation of music is innately human, and somehow this computer program was a that unique human aspect of creation." But Emily raises a disturbing question. With the ability to write music even classical purists can't distinguish from the compositions of humans, has Emily Howell passed the Turing Test? The article includes a sample of her music, as well as her intriguing haiku-like responses to queries. "I am not sad. I am not happy. I am Emily... Life and un-life exist. We coexist."

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