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Christmas Cheer

Submission + - To scam or not to scam.

Deepak Shetty writes: I first read an article related to Project Erin in Neil Gaimans Journal. Ordinarily I would have dismissed it as a scam if it wasn't for Neil's advice — read the FAQ. And I did. Here's the scoop, a lady suffering from a disease needs $10,000 and decides to do it using the internet. Megaupload pays 10,000 dollars if a file is downloaded 5 million times and so she uploads a text file and hopes people will download it (at current rates it will take 400+ weeks). I originally wanted to write this scoop as the moral dilemma we face due to the variety of 'save these people by forwarding this mail 10 times scams versus someone who might really need it.But when I read this FAQ i'm impressed. if this is a scam she deserves the money. I hope people reading this visit the site and decide for themselves. I have no answer to the moral dilemma either. Oh and Merry Christmas to you too.

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