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Comment Internal-combustion compatible (Score 1) 630

It's true - H2 is nothing but an energy storage system. I'd completely forgotten about hydrogen as a fuel. There's no need for it any more. Energy storage has moved on since then. The only rational reason to store energy as hydrogen was that it can be burned in an internal combustion engine, and now the progress of electric motors shows that's no longer an issue.

Comment Easy answers to easy questions (Score 1) 336

You know I don't know why they don't just project an infrared image with the cinema's name on it on the same screen as the movie. Standard cameras will pick it up, but the human eye will miss it entirely.

OR how about three IR leds and a fourth one on a post sticking out from the top of the screen? That three dimentionpattern should give you the precise seat location of the pirate.

This technique, and all techniques fail IN CINEMAS WHICH DON'T IMPLEMENT THE TECH!

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