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Journal Journal: My friend Cock Cockwood

The password is "Too Many Secrets". Okay. Everyone is being duplicitous and dishonest. Yeah trolls, weird. People won't admit what they know, even when they know that everyone else knows that they know. Like what exactly? Many messages here reek of Doublespeak. Like this one. This is doubleplusungood. Actually, indirection makes for a better troll.

Two enemies pretending to be friends for the sake of probing each other for information will lie to each other, KNOWING that the other person knows they're being lied to. I feel like I'm being spoken to here.

Why can't people, even enemies, be frank with each other? Lose tactical advantage? Why do they have to couch their conversations in hidden meaning, when they both know exactly what's really going on? Fear. All they do is contribute to a culture of fear, paranoia, ignorance, and exclusion.

People form their secret societies and think they have the "inside scoop" on what's happening "behind the scenes". Well yeah in that society they do. Maybe their particular secret society doesn't have any relevance in the grand scheme. Oh shit you got me. Maybe there is no "inside scoop". Well of course there...oh shit. Maybe it's all just perception. You mean WSL III is just a figment of someone's imagination?

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