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Comment Brought to you by Soylent Green (Score 1) 422

Only by a few cents if you determine the value based on the raw mineral material. If you consider the utility of either when alive it depends very much on the mother. Some might be quite productive, while others might drive your balance sheet into the red.

A third more financially attractive alternative would favor the mother for the much higher bone mass, protein and available fats to render.

Comment Pocketbooks and Polls (Score 1) 445

Sure venture capital may drive the financing of the hi-tech sector of Silicon Valley and indeed corporate clout goes a long way to influence elections.

Still, come that first Tuesday in November individuals step up to a little private booth and selects their electoral choices. My bet is that a minority of them understand or hold a strong opinion on federal policy as it pertains to venture capital. If past California elections are any indication turnout and passion will be driven by some gut emotional issue and the election will be a "Southpark" style fiasco with both sides of hot button issues behaving like spoiled toddlers.

Comment Assuming of course hardware is the bottleneck (Score 4, Interesting) 465

Toss as much CPU and memory as you want at a chatty transaction and you won't solve the problem. What about the cost of your 2000 users of the application that wander off to the coffee machine while they wait for an hour glass to relinquish control to them? Over the years I have seen wanton ignorance from programmers that ought to know better about efficiency, scalability and performance.

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