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Submission + - Profits stronger motive than Security

Ana10g writes: A DRM arms race has been undertaken between makers of DRM related technologies, and the public at large (more specifically, the hacker public at large). To be fair, the producers of DRM have decided to incorporate the technology into their business, and defending it is in their best interests. Defending your profits is, well, good business. The producer of this technology is Microsoft, which, in attempting to defend its DRM, is also attempting to preserve a relationship with major record labels.

Now, this isn't a "vulnerability" in the normal sense of the word: digital rights management is not a feature that users want. Being able to remove copy protection is a good thing for some users, and completely irrelevant for everyone else. No user is ever going to say: "Oh no. I can now play the music I bought for my PC on my Mac. I must install a patch so I can't do that anymore."

The article details how, once the DRM strategy had been cracked, it took the vendor less than three days to issue a patch fixing the problem. Ironically, the an exploit for the patch was released very quickly.

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