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Comment Re:FSM did it (Score 1) 691

I'm thinking noodly appendages are involved.

There is no need to think, for the faith in He of the Tangled Forkful answers all questions.

As was revealed by Him unto Mario and Luigi in the Antipasti Course of the Second Dinner:

Heed ye, all matter is composed of meatballs, and those meatballs shall only be composed of veal, pork, and beef; for these are the building blocks of all matter that matters. Those that believe in fundamental particles other than these shall be dismissed from the Table, and cast out from my house, as heretics of the first degree.

Lest ye of little faith doubt my powers, I shall rain used pasta water upon these enemies and drown their works in failure. Verily, this is the Truth.


Clearly "rain used pasta water upon these enemies" is a metaphor for his sabotage of both the supercollider in the US and the supercollider at CERN. It can't really be any clearer than that.

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