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Comment Re:Well, it's not that unusual. (Score 1) 745

As a Canadian this is something I didn't know. I count myself educated now. Personally I think it is a stupid, unjust way of dealing with situations such as these.

If the crime was so heinous, or the criminal that dangerous, then have the balls and the responsibility of throwing them in jail for life up front. None of this "we might throw you in jail for 10 years but really it is a life sentence under review every 7 years, as decided by a parole board, to which you have to prove your not dangerous anymore" bullshit. If 20 or 30 years down the road you believe (or whatever duration you allow for parole for the particular offense) them to be no longer a danger, and has served just punishment, then have the parole board release them.

To do otherwise to me sounds sneaky and underhanded. Be upfront about sentencing and have provisions for leniency if warranted (or not). Also to prove your not a danger, seems counter to our legal system in general. The burden of evidence should always been on the crown.

Anyway that's my 2 cents that doesn't matter.

Comment Re:bologna (Score 1) 334

Unless they were 'climate change' science experts, then its okay to make absolutist statements.

[reputable] citation needed

seriously. and not just a "journalist's" paraphrasing, partial quote, or misquote. I want to see the actual peer reviewed journal article or technical report they based their article on, stated by a real climate change scientist.

Comment Re:Linux (Score 1) 266

Except that your browser doesn't show the full URL, just a snippet.

Except that my browser doesn't show the full url, just a snippet. There fixed that for you.

In the case you wonder, I am using Opera with the default setting "Show tooltips" which neatly displays the full url next to my cursor whenever hovering over a link. Yes, that can be a minor nuisance but one which is well compensated at times like this.

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