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Comment Re:Throw em a bone (Score 1) 197

Not a good idea. They know very well it can't be done - otherwise they'd just do it. What they want instead, is someone to blame. You see if they try it and fail, then they're screwed. If Youtube tries it and fails, then the content industry is free to sue them out of existence (which is what they really want anyways).

Comment Re:After a month of daily use... (Score 1) 911

It's an SUV soccer mom sort of thing. It's a nice, safe, sort of thing that your average stay at home mom, grandma, etc. can use to check their email, myfacebookspace, watch youtube, and listen to the Beatles. If it had the ability to do the video iChat with other iPads or other macs, I'd make sure that it would be the next computer purchased for my grandparents, my parents, my in-laws, and my wife. All of whom I have support in one way or another and all of whom would have 99% of their computing needs met by an iPad.

Comment portugal doesn't prove anything (Score 1) 82

except that it is slowly rebounding from a horrible situation, due to a whole number of factors, not only one dubious factor you allude to out of agenda cherry picking of your facts

furthermore, cocaine was not as widely available or historically well-known at the beginning of the timeline you cite. growth was a simple function of increased awareness and product of availability, regardless of legal landscape. again: arguing for my point about simple addictiveness of a drug being the deciding factor

but what inquiring minds want to know, is at what point do you stop living the absurdity, and acknowledge the simple obvious truth that the ADDICTIVE POTENTIAL of a substance, as a matter of simple biochemistry, is a factor. then maybe we can slowly hand hold and lead you to the next painfully obvious fact: for HIGHLY ADDICTIVE substances, availability of the substance itself is the DOMINANT factor in harm

you keep trying to draw me into wider arguments about all sorts of drugs, and paint me in ridiculous social conservative corners, when i have repeatedly told you i am for marijuana and lsd legalization, and that i stand for illegality ONLY FOR heroin, cocaine, meth, etc: only the most highly addictive+inebriating substances. for on that deep end of the pool, there is where damage to lives and society by the DRUG ITSELF is greater than damage to society by social policy and laws

Comment Re:File size of jQuery (Score 1) 85

72k I don't have to download because I have NoScript, and your site better degrade gracefully or I usually find an alternative. If your site does not have minimum functionality without scripting, I don't consider it functional at all.

Comment The article started Face, how hard are guestures? (Score 1) 110

I would have thought gesture recognition would be relatively easy just moment the position of hands, which should be the nearest object. But its taking some time. Certainly having a computer recognise basic hand movements and running scripts accordingly would be get timesaver. On the subject, when will windows get a proper scripting language, like Rexx was on OS2 and amiga?


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Comment Re:It's their government (Score 1) 819

Only if it's a direct democracy.

That argument breaks down horribly in a representative democracy, especially if it's one that uses plurality voting, but even in representative democracies that use "ungameable" voting systems, you still don't get a direct say, and someone who shares all of your viewpoints may not exist, and may not desire to run for office.

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