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Comment Re:"white-supremacist father and son" (Score 1) 418

Actually from what my foreign friends have told me America's one of the few countries where these kinds of groups aren't strongly discouraged by some means other than public attitude.

Well, actually East-European countries doesn't have Holocaust denial laws. Given their socialist past they're more aware how that can go wrong.

Comment Re:Solution... (Score 2, Interesting) 143

Sorry I posted on the wrong topic, I had a FA linking to a topic about social networking sites and jobs in "sensible activity fields" on my /. front page and it doesn't seem to be there anymore ;-))

Here is the link I posted to, it apparently has been rescheduled from 1:27 PM to 3:09 PM eastern time. So it seems like a /. problem.

Comment Re:Yeah, we're one of the ones stuck with it (Score 1) 479

I don't think in all fairness that anyone could have predicted that Microsoft would not only break compatibility with other browsers, but also break compatibility with their own.

Dude, seriously.

Clearly, you never did any web dev when there was IE 4.x, 5.0, 5.5, 5.0.1 for Mac, and 6.0 all out there, and all working fucking differently.

They _always_ broke compatibility with their own browser, every fucking release.

The whole point of IE was to try and stop a world where it didn't matter what OS or browser you used, web apps would "Just Work". So breaking compatibility was the actual goal, that way you could just convince your corporate drone customers to write some idiotic ActiveX crap and fuck the world wide web.

Comment Re:-1 False Assumption (Score 1) 976



You are. Again. Read the entire fucking vehicle code if you like. Please quote the section that says "If you are in an intersection when it turns red, you have violated the law." You won't find it, it's not there.

Read my entire "fucking" posts if you like. Please quote the section where I say this isn't TECHNICALLY correct?

For that matter, read to me where it says in ANY of CAs penal code that it is illegal to steal gummie bears from 7-11s on Tuesday. You wont find it, it's not there. BUT there are other laws which cover this. The same is true for your "red light while in the intersection" scenario.

If you deny this, you are reality challenged. I spent an entire summer in traffic and SC court as an intern. I've heard the arguments. I'm telling you, *IF* you are in the intersection when it turns red, you CAN and WILL get a ticket. Most likely for vc 23103. You either had enough time to SAFELY stop before entering the intersection and failed to (reckless driving) or you sped up to "beat" the red light with a "disregard for safety" I believe the argument went. Don't believe me? Call up any local CA PD. I called up mine and got quoted vc 23103 and a few others. And it WONT be a violation of yellow or red light laws. I've also heard, though less frequently, anti gridlock laws used -- in that when ENTERING the intersection on a yellow, the intersection was not clear. Doesn't matter that traffic was moving at the speedlimit -- and it doesn't matter that you CLEARED the intersection before it turned red -- if there was a car ahead of you, the intersection was not clear and you violated gridlock laws.

So, quote bits and pieces of the VC if you like. Ignore the rest. Ignore the courts. "But VC 1234 says I can do this!" Not really.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 278

I think it's so much worse than that. With the Zune/HD and and it's new phone offerings Microsoft is trying to out-Apple Apple and they are terrible at it. Not only do they come out with hardware that is a generation behind what Apple has out in the market:
- big old iPod (a few years later) big old Zune
- skinny iPod (a few years later) skinny Zune
- iPod touch (a couple of years later) Zune HD
- iPhone (a couple of years later) this thing

Not only are they late to market copycats but they don't execute nearly as well as Apple. While the hardware is arguely a bit better in the Zune HD compared to an iPod touch there aren't many apps for it because they've made it nearly as hard, if not harder, for third parties to release apps for the Zune HD and they don't have the marketshare to pull off that kind of douchebaggery. The postion they should have taken is what Google did with the Nexus 1 and make it easier to develop and release software for it. One of Microsoft/PC strengths in the early days was that it was a more open development platform than what Apple had to offer.

I don't think there is real hope of Microsoft's new phone really competing with the iPhone or Nexus 1 but if they really want to make a go of it get then they need mindshare. To do that they start with the Zune HD if that's the platform they're going to build on by adding a microphone, adding speech to text, sponsoring a Skype client, adding a camera, and give developers something more interesting to do than make yet another twitter client.

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