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Comment Re:They only show gorgeous women (Score 1) 178

Not really, no. Wide hips indicate that a woman is likely to be able to bare children more easily, and have more of them. Youthful looks indicate, well, youth, which means more years of fertility left and more chance of surviving childbirth.

Neither of those traits are universally accepted as attractive.

Think about this. In many parts of the world breasts are no big deal. Women go around topless all the time. It's particularly common in parts of Africa and South America. Men there don't have the breast fetish that most men in cultures that cover breasts up do. In other words, such things are largely social constructs and biology has relatively little to do with it.

Comment Re:Ok with porn or not, that was genuinely stupid (Score 1) 178

This is true of course, but that's not the objection mainstream feminism has to Playboy.

The main objection is that it evaluates women on their looks, rather than their accomplishments or talents. It tries to be serious about it, which is just weird. Imagine if Time decided to throw in some nudes of Elon Musk, along side his interview... Airbrushed of course. Or if male actors did it to prove they were still hot enough to get roles at 30.

It's not puritanical, it's an issue with treating women differently and to a lesser extent using their bodies to sell magazines which perpetuates the idea that the female body is a commodity.

Comment Re:Ok with porn or not, that was genuinely stupid (Score 1) 178

No, the feminist position is that people shouldn't be violent to each other, and that quite a lot of porn is violent. Not in the beating sense, but ejaculating into someone's face (male or female) is kinda hard to frame as an act of respect... I mean, maybe for some people it is, but that's not generally why they do it in porn.

Beyond that objection, there is actually such a thing as feminist porn. Why wouldn't there be? Feminists enjoy sex as much as anyone.

Comment Re:The only communications affected (Score 2) 111

The really bad guys don't even bother. All the recent terror attacks have one thing in common: they didn't bother much with encryption.

That's why governments want these laws. They think they will be able to spot these attacks. They are wrong, they will be overwhelmed with data and the bad guys will quickly start encrypting, along with everyone else. The damage done to the economy will be difficult to measure, but significant.

Comment Re:Those who something, something (Score 1) 475

No idea where you get that idea. For a start I can go anywhere in the EU, moving from country to country without even a passport in many cases, and not being watched while I do it. Immigrants and visitors to most European countries are not regularly monitored and there is no special list of Muslims or extra surveillance for them.

Similarly, when I visit Japan I don't even need a visa, and no-one keeps "tabs" on me.

Comment Re: Those who something, something (Score 1) 475

What about the Christians wanting to ban same-sex marriage, take away LGBTQ rights, or take control of women's bodies when they are considering medical procedures?

Where do you get 4:10 from? That's 40% of the population. At the last census in 2011 only 4.5% of the population identified as Muslim. Who accounts for the other 35.5%?

You have been duped by fake news again.

Comment Re:Those who something, something (Score 0) 475

What does this have to do with immigration? Border controls are one thing, but you said "keep better tabs on", as in watch them once they are inside the country. That requires extensive surveillance. And not just immigrants, visitors too.

You don't even seem to understand the implication of what you are saying.

Comment Re:Those who something, something (Score 2) 475

I'd call it common sense to keep better tabs on visitors/new immigrants from such regions

Progressivism (aka US 'Liberalism'): Ideas so good they need a police/surveillance-state to enforce.

That lack of self-awareness must require Orwellian levels of doublethink.

Comment Re:The litmus test (Score 1) 111

Do you understand the difference between an opinion that turns out to be incorrect as a matter or law, and just making up completely fake clickbait to enrich yourself at the expense of democracy?

To put it another way, while occasionally CNN might get flagged by this, other sources would have 90%+ of their output flagged.

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