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Comment Re:I use linux because (Score 1) 236

You have to see it from the PC vendor's point of view.

First and most importantly, they want people to like their products and not call their tech support line. If they shipped a Linux OS which locked out third party drivers, they would get a high rate of support calls and returns. So they definitely won't do that.

Secondly, they want to make money. Margins are thin in the PC/laptop market, so they make some extra cash by bundling adware. Trial versions, links to paid services, that kind of crap. They also pre-install a load of stuff because most people aren't used to searching for software online and app stores are a fairly recent thing, and because custom apps are one of the few ways they can differentiate their $299 beige box from everyone else's $299 beige box.

I've done this myself, back in the day when I did PC support. If we had to wipe a user's system we didn't just install Windows and a basic driver set, we put (as it was known then), CD burning software, anti-virus, Firefox (back when it was good) and a few other bits on there. If we didn't, they would come back and complain that their computer didn't work or that it used to have anti-virus and now it doesn't (even though what they had was a McAfee trial that expired three years ago).

So if somehow Linux became a mainstream desktop OS, it would end up just like Windows.

Comment Re:Because Windows Sucks (Score 1) 236

Linux supports more hardware than Windows supports at one time. Linux even supports that pre-XP scanner that you had to throw out because Microsoft changed the driver model and the manufacturer said "well, the customers will just have to buy new ones."

While true, it's just not very useful. What is more valuable to the average user, good support for the latest GPUs or version of the software package they use heavily, or support for a 1990s era scanner that can be replaced with a much better one at minimal cost?

Comment Re:Why? (Score 4, Insightful) 278

Trump just nailed yet another debate.

Strange, it looks like he admitted defeat to me. Why else not agree to accept the result? That's what a child does when they know they are going to lose.

there's still time to finally break through the mainstream media's pro-Clinton firewall.

The mainstream media, especially Fox and other right leaning "news" outlets, have been attacking Clinton for decades. They gave extensive coverage of the email scandal, Benghazi, her husband's actions and the allegations against him... You can't honestly say that they have been easy on her, or given her a free pass because they don't report outlandish conspiracy theories about the number of people she has had murdered (although Fox mentioned it).

The simple fact is that she got her dirty laundry out years back and people have lost interest now, not that it was ever as bad as some make out. But Trump doesn't have a history in politics so there is more dirt left to unearth. The fact that a lot of the stuff he says is clearly off the cuff on issues any serious politician would have nailed down a position on just invites scandal and ridicule too.

Comment Re:Are they asking to be hacked? (Score 1) 377

I think it's safe to assume they already have been hacked. I mean, whoever hacked the DNC surely grabbed all the Trump campaign's poorly protected emails too. They just chose not to release them yet. If he somehow wins they will probably release them at strategic moments to cause maximum damage to the POTUS.

Comment Re:As much as I dislike Trump ... (Score 1) 377

He will pick his staff once elected. He claims, repeatedly, to have the experience and skill to select the best people. Much of his campaign is based on this claimed competence to get things done.

This claim is demonstrably false. The poor state of his IT is just another example, along with Trump University and the inability of his campaign team to stop him self-destructing. It was clear from the post-debate interviews that they had no idea he was going to refuse to accept the outcome of the election. Imagine how poor their relationships and lines of communication with him must be.

Comment Re:But . . . (Score 2) 377

It shows that he is at least as incompetent as she is. In fact it's part of a pattern of behaviour, where he claims to have the best people but it turns out to be untrue, e.g. Trump University.

It's also rather interesting that the Russians or whoever hacked the DNC looking to weaken their campaign, but didn't hack him even though they easily could have. Or more likely they did, but didn't release the stolen data.

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