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Submission + - New AMD Graphics Drivers Improve HD Video, Gaming (

MojoKid writes: "AMD is poised to release a new Catalyst drive package, v10.6, that incorporates a number of new features and performance enhancements. While there are a handful of game-specific performance enhancements, it's the new video-related features that are potentially the most interesting. Some older revisions of AMD's Catalyst driver suite supported GPU acceleration of H.264 video using Adobe Flash Player 10.1, to offload video processing to the GPU, but this new release also offers enhanced playback quality when video post-processing features are enabled."

Submission + - 3D Blu ray arrives on the PC thanks to NVIDIA (

An anonymous reader writes: If you are looking to get into 3D Blu-ray on your PC, NVIDIA has released the beta version of its long awaited version 256 driver, which finally enables 3D Blu-ray support for its 3D Vision glasses. While this seems a straightforward move considering that NVIDIA has been selling 3D Vision for over a year, it is significant because it isn't supported on some of the monitors commonly used with the 3D Vision kit. 3D Vision requires monitors capable of outputting at 120Hz, double the common refresh rate of 60Hz. There are only a handful of such monitors, largely because the only thing requiring 120Hz on a computer monitor is the 3D Vision kit. Which means that despite the fact some monitors can happily handle the latest video games in 3D, they cannot handle 3D Blu-ray playback. Unfortunately for those who own these monitors there won't be any kind of magic that can be pulled to get them working with 3D Blu-ray.

Submission + - 1 Molecule Computes 1000s Times Faster Than PC ( 1

alexhiggins732 writes: A Single Molecule Computes Thousands of Times Faster than Your PC

A demo of a quantum calculation carried out by Japanese researchers has yielded some pretty mind-blowing results: a single molecule can perform a complex calculation thousands of times faster than a conventional computer.

A proof-of-principle test run of a discrete Fourier transform — a common calculation using spectral analysis and data compression, among other things — performed with a single iodine molecule transpired very well, putting all the molecules in your PC to shame.

First Person Shooters (Games)

Submission + - Tremulous moves to Xbox, loses sight of open roots 1

An anonymous reader writes: Following in the footsteps of popular open source shooter Nexuiz, Tim Angus, better known by the open source gaming community as "Timbo", has announced that a deal has been reached between Microsoft game studios and Darklegion Development to bring the Tremulous concept to Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Xbox live service. As part of the deal, Microsoft has acquired all rights to the Tremulous brand, including the domain.
Unfortunately, while attempts were made by the community to negotiate the co-existence of xbox and open source projects under the same name, MGS flatly refused to allow this and, just hours after the original announcement, the disgruntled ex-dev team made the decision to fork Tremulous. The resulting project, "Librelous", a portmanteau of Libre and Tremulous, promises to breath new life into the game with brand new music, sounds and high res graphics, in addition to the much anticipated flashlight.

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