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Comment Re:lol, space nutters. (Score 1) 37

"However, trying to make "7 billion people are miserable" my personal, relatable problem, is a fool's errand."

Sorry, my cowardly friend, but I never said anything about 7 billion people. That's your straw man, you can keep it.

A convenient small-town example of 'not in my backyard', this reads like a whole lot of suck to me:

The tl;dr summary quote (paraphrased) is "they [the homeless] really would be better served in the next town over.


Comment Re:Gut flora (Score 1) 152

"But you don't seem to grasp that for many it would have to be a lifelong practice, not just while you drop a few pounds."

I can't comprehend why you believe this.

"You seem quite willing to have others live that way, but you object to even a short period of that level of denying a biological drive for yourself."

I do not know what delusional affliction you have to think this: reaching and maintaining a target weight for me is an ongoing challenge.

What I deny, categorically, is that this is something outside of my control. Gut flora, heredity, environment, you name it, are *all* secondary to my own personal drive and motivation.

Comment Re:Gut flora (Score 0) 152

"If anything is stupid, it's expecting someone to be successful at denying a basic drive for the rest of their natural life even while giving in to it just enough to be somewhat functional."

I am sorry, but I maintain that living 'just a little bit hungry' (a temporary condition necessary to reduce weight) is not the same - in any reasonable measure - as not breathing. To attempt to equate the two things is to venture into the theater of the absurd, and there is no point in going there.

"Since you seemed unable to comprehend keeping yourself hungry"

What possesses you to think that this is the case? This is *exactly* what I described as 'not easy', but 'doable'.


Comment Re:Gut flora (Score 0) 152

So you deny that eating is a basic biological drive?"

Are you deliberately trying to look ridiculous?

"Name anyone who died because they kept forgetting to eat."

You're demonstrating your own foolishness. Nobody dies because they forget to eat. Forget to breath (silly as that may be) and you're dead. Attempting to equate these two things is just *stupid*.


Comment Re:Gut flora (Score 0) 152

You asked me to try something incomparable for a week. What you suggest is not remotely similar to the discussion at hand.

Moreover, I'm not asking others to do *anything*. That's a projection on your part.

Last, but not least, comparing caloric intake to oxygen intake is absurd. Stupid. Ridiculous. Dumb. Words fail me.


Comment Re:Gut flora (Score 1) 152

" Meanwhile, the level of willpower needed for someone with different gut fauna may be more comparable to sjames' example - beyond that of the typical person."

I grant that it might be possible for the situation you describe to exist, but honestly I believe we have a "culture of failure", e.g. "math is hard", when it comes to personal health.

I read about endless reasons why we will fail to lose weight et al, and I cannot help but consider that we are the victims of our own expectations - we believe it to be hard or impossible so it becomes so.


Comment Re:Does it have to be BASIC? (Score 1) 215

" These days, if I were to teach a kid any language, it would be Python. It has the easy syntax of BASIC with the added advantages of (a) a rich enough API set for everything from web development through machine learning (b) being an actual marketable skill in places like Silicon Valley."

Not to mention that whole "white space is significant" aspect, so as to give them early knowledge of the arbitrary nature of working with business types in the future...

A. (only 1/2 a :-)

Comment Re:Gut flora (Score 1) 152

Well, I'm in the 'just eat less' camp. I acknowledge that it may not be easy for everyone, but I can hit whatever weight target I choose simply by making dietary choices.

Make no mistake, I am not claiming that is is always easy - "what, you say I have to stop drinking?", but it is always doable.


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