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Comment Re:So it appears . . . (Score 1) 177

This is yet another reason why I think Elon Musk's plans for Mars are on the optimistic side. I think we'll be doing great if a human lands in Mars before 2040, and a small permanent station is running by 2080.

An actual colony, with Martians? not before 2200. Think about it, we reached the South Pole over 100 years ago and even so we still don't have Antarctians permanently living there.

Comment Re:Holy flamebait batman! (Score 1) 883

Are you being sarcastic? because this is exactly what just happened during the great recession. Enormous amounts of money were added to the M1 money supply by central banks the world over, but rich people chose to stash it all away and the result is little to no inflation.

Comment Re:Holy flamebait batman! (Score 1) 883

he would now be the candidate of the Democratic party.

Hmm... I wonder if he would have been competitive in the general election though. If only we had an example of a more radical candidate who gets chosen by the radicalized base but fails to connect with the average voter.

Nope, can't think of any.

Comment Shorter hours (Score 4, Insightful) 883

We need to plan for a future where people work a lot less hours. Either 4 days a week, or the standard 5 days but with three month vacations. We already have examples of how this can work. There are plenty of YouTube channels of people who work for a while and then travel for a while e.g. Sailing La Vagabonde, Kombi Life, SV Delos (or at least they did before they became YouTube celebrities).

For people in NorthAmerica both of these options will sound shocking and impossible to implement in practice, even though Europe is not far from already having those in place***

*** This is not unlike universal healthcare, which works quite well in every developed country in the world, yet it is assumed to be utopic (or straight out communist) in the USA.

Comment Re:Can I run for president? (Score 1, Offtopic) 275

Because a mass murderer

Not that we are exaggerating or anything.

that is a psychopathic compulsive liar and traitor

Now you have me really confused. I thought you were talking about Hillary, but the proven compulsive liar is Trump. He lies every 3 minutes or 75% of the time. It is difficult to find a single thing he hasn't spoken in favor of and against it, including Clinton's performance as secretary of state and her stamina.

that has written, by her own hand,

So we are back to Hillary, because of the two the only one who can write by her own hand is her.

that she needs "compliant and uneducated" voters to win,

And now back to Trump "I love the uneducated", "I don't need women to win" candidate.

Funny how the left project what Killary actually is onto Trump.

Now you are talking about yourself, where you just projected half of Trump's most defining characteristics onto Hillary.

The uneducated (by design) Demo voters

Study after study has shown that the uneducated tend to lean Republican over Democrat.

They never learn, by design.

In the last eight years only one party has had two post-mortems after losing the presidential election that were completely ignored. I'll let you work out which party was that.

So realize that even the Demo 'leadership' thinks you're an Idiot when you vote for them.

Again more projection. Democrats promise, and overall deliver improved economic conditions for the lowest level (combination of welfare, medicare, higher minimum wages, lower taxes for poor people). Republicans for the most part deliver improved conditions for rich people and businesses which so far in 20 years of republican administrations since trickle down economics was first proposed have failed to reach the bottom classes.

So if you are poor (like most of the Southern Red States) and vote Republican you are either an idiot, or motivated by other considerations that are more important to you than $, such as I don't know, hmm, can't think of any....

Comment Re:Maybe the TLAs are lending her a hand (Score 1) 689

For all we know her friends at the CIA and NSA may be the ones behind the hacks. She's definitely pissed off enough people there with her security "lapses".

Actually most of the security establishment, including many well know republicans have come out and endorsed her.

Trump on the other hand, who likes to brag about his 200 generals and admirals behind him forgets to point out that this is only 2/5ths the number of generals who supported Mitt Romney.

Comment Re:Great (Score 1) 689

This is just hysterics. All indications are that Hillary would be an ok candidate. As for Trump the problem is we just can't tell. He gives no specifics. "Make America great again". Well duh! we can all agree that we want America to be great. I mean, you might disagree 100% with Obama, but I'm sure Barry spends every waking minute of his life trying to make this country as good as it can be. Where we differ is in the specifics, Democrats believe that the government has a role to play in a developed country, Republicanss thiink that if you give enough tax breaks, the rest happens by magic.

So what is the specific way to make America great again as per Trump? no one knows. He never goes into specifics. So all we have to judge him is his previous record as administrator, and this one is quite a bit worse than Hillary's: bankrupt many times, not a single business partner has something positive to say about him, short-tempered and easily baited, lies pathologically, mistreats women.

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