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Comment Re:Yeah, so? (Score 1) 70

Wow, that is amazing considering people wrote about him who were alive at the same time he is purported to.

Actually none of the gospels are believed by scholars to have been written by contemporaries of Jesus.

The dead sea scrolls mention Jesus like figures, yes in the plural, which could have formed the basis of the JC written about a hundred years after his death.

Comment Re:Yey for worlds richest man (Score 1) 175

Driving your competitors out of business is not a crime.

I followed MS quite closely and they beat many companies fair and square in the market place. Their first questionable kill was when they built incompatibility directed to DRDOS. This seems to have marked the beginning of a transition on how MS operates, not long after they did STAC and many other questionable deals in which they were using their size to get an advantageous position rather than technical quality.

Comment Re:Nope, no wealth inequality here (Score 2) 175

His dad wasn't on the board of IBM. His mom was in the board of a charity where she had met the chair of IBM. Even so, IBM wanted CP/M but Gary Kildall blew up the deal, only then did IBM approached Bill Gates and asked him if he could provide an OS for the new IBM PC.

Sure, the connection did help, but it wasn't pivotal to the deal. They were already in talks with Microsoft to buy Microsoft Basic which was the standard back then, shipped with all personal computers from all makers. They offered Microsoft the MSDOS contract before the chairman realized he knew the mom of the kid in charge of the company.

Using personal connections to get business is standard practice, any business owner will tell youu about business they got because of some personal reference. You still need to have the record to back up the personal connection. Just because I know the owners of Google does not mean I am about to get the contract for Chrome OS.

So let's recap: Bill Gates had already founded a company that was shipping the most popular basic interpreter at the time and had already been offered the OS contract for the IBM PC before someone high up at IBM realized that he was "Mary Gates' kid". Out of this he made a 90 billion dollar fortune.

Cheeto Jesus on the other hand got a million dollar from his dad, before he had succeeded at anything and parlayed it into four bankruptcies and a heavily leveraged "fortune" that is so huuuge he's not willing to show his tax returns.

Comment Re:SystemD? (Score 1) 538

Your post seems to presume that emacs is (1) still around and (2) useful.

I think both of those statements are rather questionable. A few legacy users do not qualify as "still around" and even though I used emacs for nearly ten years back in the 90s, today you couldn't pay me enough for me to use it. I've read elsewhere that this seems to be the norm, and people have migrated to graphical environments for most purposes falling back on vi when they only need a text editor.

Comment Re:Shying away from OOP(s) (Score 1) 671

In what way is logical bit shifting similar to input or output operation? This is precisely an example of improper operator overloading. There is no way to predict what on a stream does from knowing what does on a set of bits,

Contrast this with vector arithmetic, where it is rather obvious what vec_1 = vec_2 + vec_3 means. This is proper operator overloading,

By the way, the fact that is improper overloading is more or less universally acknowledged, this is not something I'm coming up with on my own.

Comment Re:Shying away from OOP(s) (Score 1) 671

And none of the /. -ers complaining about operator overloading during the last 12 - 15 years ever managed to give an example about "operator overloading abuse".

They are now very rare, since people have learned to use them properly but there are still examples around of idiotic overloading of an operator in ways that are completely non-intuitive. The best example is the overloading in C++ of bit shift to do I/O.

In the 80s and 90s operator overloading was considered cool and people would implement the most absurd interactions between two objects as overloading of "+". A rather common one was "+" overloading that had side-effects on the parameters, i.e. a+b would result in changes to a, often because what they really wanted to overload was "+=", i.e. a+=b; in which case the side effect on a is obvious and natural.

Comment Re:Shying away from OOP(s) (Score 4, Interesting) 671

Some of us are old enough to have gone through a generation of "overload everything" which was a disaster.

Only much later did people learned to use overloading sparsely and with good effects.

This is similar to OOP which is also overused. Heck in Java you can't even have a variable or a function living on its own. Everything must be an object (except native types, sometimes).

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