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Comment Hot air (Score 1) 62

Google/Alphabet seems to have a soft spot for hot air, mostly hype pie in the ski projects that were common in the 80s. Boston Dynamics was a survivor of that era and Google bought their story at the tune of 1 billion dollars only to have to turn around and sell it at a loss.

Their merger and acquisitions department is in sore need of a few more skeptical minds.

Comment Why Mayer was so incompetent? (Score 0) 401

When Apple was in deep trouble back in the late 90s, we had three CEOs who failed to turn it around: John Sculley, Michael Spindler and Gil Amelio.

Similarly with Yahoo, we have Terry Semel, Jerry Yang, Carol Bartz, Scott Thompson, Ross Levinsohn and Marissa Mayer, all of which failed to turn around the company. And of course according to many on the interwebs the main reason Ms. Mayer failed is because she has a vagina.

Comment Re:And the shareholders accepted that line of bull (Score 2) 157

Also, their push toward UWP apps and continuum is a longer term strategy of convergence. Eventually, phones will take over from PCs....

...and by that logic eventually cars will take over from trucks. For many people a truck (PC) was an overkill and a car (smartphone) suffices. By now almost all such people have made the switch and the remaining laptop/desktop users will never switch, because their needs are different.

To (over)extend the car analogy, you want the interface to cars and trucks to be similar, to facilitate adoption, but it likely will never be identical since their ultimate purpose is different. In that sense Apple got it right: make OSX and iOS similar, but separate. Microsoft instead tried to force the single window mode, which makes so much sense in a small screen device on the desktop with 30+ inch monitors.

Comment Re:Pushed into comunism (Score 1) 279

Not initially. Later on he did fully embrace communism, but the internal debates with Che (who was always fully pro-communist) are well known. As someone else pointed out, Ho Chi Minh is another example of someone who was pushed into communism by CIA actions.

Sorry that this doesn't match your simplistic conception of the world.

Comment Pushed into comunism (Score 3, Insightful) 279

When Castro first came to power, he was inspired by the Mexican revolution of 1910-1920 who did not turn communist. Moreover the Cuban Communist Party had denounced Castro's revolution as pro-Western. He was pushed into the USSR sphere of influence by the aggressive CIA-led actions.

Then the embargo provided the biggest excuse ever for Castro and his dictatorship. He could always blame his failed economic policies on the USA led embargo.

Comment Re:Cold, heartless liberal bean counters (Score 1) 385

The data indicates that Blacks commit crimes less than whites, but that prison correlates with crime more than white does

This. I have a friend who became drug addict and spent decades breaking all manner of laws. Since she was white, she spent not a single day in prison and does not even have a criminal record in spite of having been arrested dozens of times. I have no doubt that if she had been black (or even just a man for that matter) she would have spent at least a year in prison.

Comment Re: Fake News? (Score 4, Informative) 624

The problem with this article is that Snopes itself has a pretty strong left-wing bias.

No they don't. It is just you reacting to fact checking that you didn't like. Just like 538 people were accused of being pro-Hillary, right until during the last week when they had the highest odds for Trump of any media organization. Then people on the left started accusing it of being pro-Trump.

Regardless of the true bias (if any) of 538 models, people (from either side) were not accusing 538 of being biased because of a careful analysis of their model, but simply because it didn't match their personal political preference.

That is exactly what you are doing when you call Snopes "a pretty strong left-wing bias".

Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 540

Finally an article that goes against the nonstop doom and gloom tone of seemingly every single report on automation.

Indeed, according to these reports every single job is about to be lost to robots and AI. What they fail to mention is that in the latest robotic competition a robot couldn't even transfer a shopping basket of sundries from one box to another.

Comment Funny American use of "first" (Score 2) 68

This is a funny use of the term "first" invented by Americans:

This was the first flight of a heavy-lift ES-variant of the Ariane V since the ATV resupply missions to the ISS.

The rest of the world would have phrased this as: the previous flight of the Ariane V was the resupply mission to the ISS.

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