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Kickstarter Games: Where They Are Now 97

We keep hearing success stories of indie video game projects that found funding through Kickstarter. Some have simply met their goals, while others have far exceeded the money they original asked for. Rock, Paper, Shotgun has provided updates on the progress of a huge list of funded projects. Many projects turned out to have unrealistic release dates. For example, Double Fine Adventure missed its August timeframe because it's getting a new engine. The new Leisure Suit Larry missed its October plans and hasn't been terribly open about a new one. However, most projects are humming along nicely, and some, like FTL: Faster Than Light have been completed and well received. The article exhorts all developers working on these games to make communication a priority, since the users are the ones who put up the cash, and deserve to know what's going on.

Submission + - 25 Years of Elite

Alioth writes: "25 years ago, the revolutionary space trading game "Elite" was released. Originally available on the BBC Microcomputer, Elite was ported to practically every 8 bit system — such as the Spectrum and Commodore 64. Later, it was ported to the Amiga, ST, Acorn Archimedes and more — it was ported to virtually any platform with a hint of popularity. It appeared on several consoles, and on the PC, and later spawned the sequels — Frontier and Frontier First Encounters. Such is its popularity, there have been several remakes — such as Oolite, originally written for Mac OSX, but then ported to Linux and later Windows. The BBC have an interviewer with one of the co-authors, David Braben about the game and the genre it started. Elite was much different to many of the games of the time — it was open ended, and allowed the player to decide who they wanted to be without constraint."

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