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Comment Re:Even more reason (Score 1) 91

I don't know what a root DNS server does. I do probably know way more physics, mathematics, and philosophy than you

That would be wonderful if you were on a "Philosophy news" website... /. is (or at least used-to-be) fairly tolerant of noobs with gaps in their knowledge, but if you don't have a decent background in tech, I don't see why you're here.

Comment Re:Duh (Score -1, Troll) 366

Having used both Apple phones and MS phones, personally though I'd rather go back to having a decent phone (IE good at calls and sms at a pinch), decent pda (email, organiser, some apps) and a decent media player.

Haven't you basically just described an iPhone (try 'Airplane Mode' when you're working on a problem). Most criticisms come from people who were hoping for a portable general-purpose computer, but if you see it as a pretty decent phone and SMS client, a PDA with the option for (quite a lot of) PDA-type apps, plus a decent media player, the lockdown and limitations begin to make sense.

Comment Wow... It's not just our government. (Score 0) 721

That likes to cover up its own problems with blame.

Either 1. Brittish parents suck at raising their own kids. This is not unlike the US in any way (or many industrialized/televised nations). They probably also rely on the television, now plus the computer, to raise their kids. They don't have time to get involved in their lives, that's what MTV is for.

Or 2. Kids, being by definition, cannot vote nor enter the wonderfully vicious world of politics, are outsiders of that world. Outsiders looking in, and they see the problems with a different eye than those involved. Who wouldn't be angry, watching problems evolve that you cannot control, in any way?

Leads to a lot of people bitching but hardly anyone voting (much like in US), and nothing gets changed; on the national level, the state level, and the local level. Just more angry people who believe that one person cannot do anything or change anything, so why try?

Take the easy way out. Destroy, not change. Burn it all down.

At least their being proactive, instead of "Oh, my son is too much to handle, let's give him Ritalin so I don't have to try anymore!", "My vote doesn't count so I'm not going to vote.", or "It's all society's fault!" Good and Evil are better than Aloofness, at least they get off their ass and do something.

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