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Submission + - 550K Auction on Ebay For A Collection Dating Back 30 Years

Busshy writes: It seems the trend these days to put vast collections on ebay of Games Collections or just solitary rare games. DCEmu are reporting that a new auction with a rather staggering price of 550,000 Dollars has now appeared on the auction site. The collection which has been amassed over the last 30 years features 6850 games, 330 consoles, 220 controllers. The collector claims to have every game for Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, Castlevania, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, Sakura Wars, Super Robot Taisen and so on. Also rare consoles such as Hitachi Gamenavi Saturn, Both the Bio Hazard Dreamcast (red & blue), The Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles pearl white Gamecube, Game Boy Advance SP Famicom color for the 20th Mario Anniversary, The Metal Gear limited edition PSP. Still a heck of a lot of money though.
Desktops (Apple)

Submission + - Late 2012 iMacs Faster than Mac Pro (resexcellence.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Mac Performance Guide has tested the latest iMacs against the fastest Mac Pros available and released its benchmark test results.

Submission + - Intel's Eight-Core, Heavily-Updated Poulson Itanium Processor Unveiled (hothardware.com)

MojoKid writes: Intel's Itanium 9500 family, codenamed Poulson, was announced today and it's the most significant refresh Intel has ever done on the Itanium family. Just moving from 65nm to 32nm technology would've substantially reduced power consumption and increased clock speeds, but Santa Clara has overhauled virtually every aspect of the CPU. Poulson can issue 11 instructions per cycle compared to Tukwila's six. It adds execution units and rebalances those units to favor server workloads over HPC and workstation capabilities. Its multi-threading capabilities have been overhauled and it uses faster QPI links between the CPUs. The L3 cache design has also changed. Previous Itanium 9300 processors had a dedicated L3 cache for each core. Poulson, in contrast, has a unified L3 that's attached to all its cores by a common ring bus.

Submission + - Researchers Develop Algorithm to Trace Source of Computer Virus, Epidemics, More (skynews.com.au)

hypnosec writes: Want to trace the source of virus that has infected your computer? Researchers at a Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland have the answer. The scientists have devised software capable of tracing computer viruses back to their source. Beyond computer viruses, the software can also trace terror suspects, rumor-mongering and even infectious diseases back to their source. Pedro Pinto, one of the researchers, explained that the algorithm works by going through information in a reverse direction back to the original source. He said, “Using our method, we can find the source of all kinds of things circulating in a network just by 'listening' to a limited number of members of that network.” The team tested their software on a known data maze to check if their research actually pinpoints the individuals behind the 9/11 attacks and they were able to pin-point three suspects, out of which one was the master mind behind the attacks.

Submission + - 360-degree Interactive Rock Video Now Online (gizmag.com)

Zothecula writes: 360-degree video is effectively like watching a video in Google Street View mode, where you can look any direction you like using the mouse. Now, Dutch 360-degree video company yellowBird has announced a hookup with YouTube that lets users post 360-degree videos in their YouTube channels. And the first major production is a 360-degree music video clip that challenges the role of the film director and stretches the boundaries of interactive entertainment... and it has zombies in it, too.

Submission + - Final Fantasy XIII bundle $100 off (examiner.com)

Xander756 writes: Starting this morning, Newegg is offering the Xbox 360 Final Fantasy XIII Special Edition bundle which comes with two wireless controllers, a copy of Final Fantasy XIII, an Xbox LIVE headset, and an Xbox 360 console with a 250 gigabyte hard drive for just $249.99.

Submission + - Providing clear & crisp Audio Visual & 3D (hsd-services.co.uk)

markwilson7 writes: Expert Audio Visual Installations including Sky TV, 3D TV, Home Cinema and Home Automation setup services. Secure your perimeter with our Access Control Systems (CCTV, IRS and MATV etc). Operating in London, Essex, Kent and Hertfordshire areas.

Submission + - Open Science Summit 2010 in Berkeley, CA (boingboing.net)

An anonymous reader writes: Attention all scientists, makers, wetware hackers, and open source enthusiasts, the Open Science Summit is near. From July 29-31st at Berkeley, we will consider topics such as gene patents, personal genomics, open data, open access publishing, microfinance for science, DIY bio, and more. Early Registration discount still available

Submission + - New Versant Object Database (VOD) 8 released (versant.com)

An anonymous reader writes: There is live outside the traditional RDBMS.
One of the oldest and first ODBMS Vendor Versant has released there new Versant Object Database (VOD) 8.
The new release seems to have enhanced support for high performance computing on multi-CPU/multi-core server architectures,
significant optimizations in internal memory management and caching implementations.
Also they offer now a Transparent Persistence API similar like JDO/JPA for Microsoft.NET platform for the C# and VB languages including support for LINQ.
In addition they also support Java/Java Data Objects (JDO) 2.1 next to there proprietary C++ binding.

Submission + - Silverlight to be Tapped As Windows Phone Platform (crn.com)

FrankPoole writes: CRN is reporting that Microsoft will officially name Silverlight as the application development platform for Windows Phone 7 at next month's MIX10 event in Las Vegas. According to sources, Microsoft plans to ditch Windows Mobile and throw its resources behind Silverlight in an effort to jumpstart the software giant's floundering mobile business. Silverlight is getting a boost this week courtesy of the Vancouver Winter Olympics, as NBC once again selected Silverlight as its online video player of choice for the games, with this year's video player sporting some DVR-like features.

Submission + - Ksplice starts never-reboot service for Linux (ksplice.com)

An anonymous reader writes: The company based on the MIT Ksplice project is now offering its "never reboot" service for Red Hat, Debian, and other Linux distros. You subscribe and get real-time kernel updates that apply in-memory instead of rebooting. We wrote earlier about the free service for Ubuntu. Cool tech, but will people really pay $4/month for this?

Submission + - MS Volume License Dis-Service Center (microsoft.com)

LimeyRat writes: Why, only 2 days after it's release, is Microsoft's Volume License Service Center offline? 2 1/2 hours on the phone and the MS techs admit that they can't access it either.

And why is no-one crying out about this, except me? Not a word anywhere...

Submission + - Open Source VortexBox ships NAS based on Fit-PC2 (vortexbox.org)

agillis writes: A lot of people asked me for a smaller version of the VortexBox appliance. One that they could hide under their equipment. We have worked hard and I think we have what these users want. The new micro appliance draws only 6 watts and is smaller then the SqueezeBox itself. The Micro Appliance has no moving parts (other then the hard drive).

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