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Submission + - MIT, Google Release New Tools to Fix Android's Quality-Control Problem (wired.com)

S810 writes: "From the article over at Wired Magazine : "Ask any techie about the differences between Android and iOS apps, and you’ll get the same answer: Apple’s apps are more plentiful, and just plain better designed.

And users have responded in kind, eating up iOS apps by the armload. Just this past weekend, Apple surpassed the 25 billion download mark in its App Store. And in terms of overall customer satisfaction, Apple’s apps edge out Android apps according to a recent UTest survey.

Google’s app platform clearly needs a helpful boost, and thanks to a series of new initiatives, the Android Market could see an uptick in both quantity and quality sooner than you think."


Submission + - Ask Slashdot: What enterprise document/file/message classification to use?

georgech writes: "I'm having trouble finding a good classification solution. I've seen Titus Labs and it's quite nice, but this is not an option for now. Can anyone recommend such products? The product should be able to use Active Directory, be centrally managed and easy scaled for large environments. Also, the classification should be mandatory and users shouldn't be able to go around this. The classification should add metadata/headers/footers/watermarks for files with customizable messages like "Confidential", "Secret", Etc..."

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