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Hello Slash Dot Folks, Thanks for your input and for talking about us. I have found your comments interesting and insightful. We are trying to be completely transparent with all our doings, so of course we are happy to answer any questions here, or on our site in the project we are using to crowdfund ourselves. I have responded a few times to the comments being made where I could help but if questions remain, I am here. Thanks, Alex Fair Founder / CEO

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As the "this guy" mentioned above, I am happy to discuss. The FDA: Indeed, we need to be very careful on this topic and many others. We have Clinical Review Officers and are well advised. We are trained scientists, MDs, Helathcare Attorney, and folks with a great deal of experience in the area. Snake oil is a big concern and we will never enable such on our site. Will there be innovations and ideas that are edgy? Yes, but they need to be safe and effective. I have a bunch of scientific papers myself and need to approve every project. My team is even more impressive though, as they actually finished their Ph.D.s, MDs, JDs,... The "scheme" is to enable and drive innovation faster and further. I have been doing this through my meetup group for two years ( This is just the next of my attempts to help as many people live longer healthier lives and afford the best care. We look a lot like kickstarter because we have great respect for what they have done and it works. We will evolve differently, but it is a great place to start. We wish they enabled healthcare projects, but they don't. I actually started MedStartr as a result of my desire to put FairCareMD on Kickstarter and then reading their rules. Now Iknow many who finished the application only to be rejected. This is why we have about a hundred applicants weeks after starting. I hope that helps explain matters. Forgive my lack of an about page. We should get that up quickly. Please be welcome to visit the site and support a healthcare innovation that you care about.

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