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Comment Re:Good hygiene, don't be a know it all. (Score 1) 842

No, 'acting like a know-it-all' is that all-too-common, elitist, egotistical, whiney, snide attitude that many nerds tend to exhibit. A nerd who is able to communicate in a socially acceptable and 'normal' manner is a lot more valuable than an awkward whiney stubborn tryhard who always has to be heard. Sometimes less is more, and it's better to just keep your mouth shut. I completely agree with the original point - the MOST important thing is not to act like a know-it-all. Show some common sense. Don't act like you're better than others. Be humble. People like an easy going person more than an uptight weirdo. Wait until you settle in and get to know the system and people before you start suggesting improvements. My work has fired the last 2 developers that exhibited that know-it-all type of personality, and I was glad to see them go. In one of the cases I laughed until my throat hurt.

Comment cable card sucks no VOD no PPV no SDV (most tv) (Score 1) 379

cable card sucks no VOD no PPV no SDV (most tv) Tivo can do SDV. Also you don't get the cable co guide. Also network affiliated broadcasts are in clear QAM on cable but not the other stuff on most systems.

also sectv let's you Purchase CableCARD for a one-time fee of $125.00 and receive a one-year warranty on the CableCARD from the manufacture so you never have to worry about rental fees again!

and they let you Access to HD Pay-Per-View events with them as well.

they also have Standard Digital Converter ... $2.95 / mo has VOD and on screnn guild. one of the same boxes that comcast wants $5+ /m for.

Comment Shifts RGB to L*a*b Color (Score 1) 511

RGB is confined color space, and adding yellow would greatly improve the accuracy of the display. It would allow the monitor to display CIE L*a*b color. The "L" channel stands for luminance; the "a" channel is green and magenta; and the "b" channel is blue and yellow. Theoretically it covers the entire visual gamut - that is, all that our eyes can see. While it may not be entirely noticeable in a medium like TV, you can bet that photographers will happily buy the monitors.

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