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Comment Gadget-oriented point of view, missing the *needs* (Score 1) 53

I suspect most of us on /. would NOT go for a netbook conforming to the article.

What about the weight ? The battery life ? The compact and lightweight charger you can carry in your jacket pocket without a doubt ?

The article doesn't cover the essentials, just the crunchy bits, the gadgets that would seduce the masses.

I certainly hope those gadgets won't get to us at cost of battery-life, not-so-useful functions, failure in case of a fall ("operate in in the palm of left hand, just typing that list before it gets out of my mind... oops." ).

I think people would go for a shiny feature-packed netbook. But what people *need* is certainly more than a gadget. Want to sell ? Make shiny stuff and a lot of buzz, that should do it. But what people who don't buy computers easily ask to the nerds around is "Will it be reliable ?"

Comment Re:Think, don't just parrot what you hear. (Score 1) 1003

The United States of America is not beholden to international law.

The USA seem to be a contry to me. They are to conform to the law. Why would they have argued about the WMD to gain UN support if they are not beholden to the law ?

The only reason we have international laws is to make people "feel better" about global geopolitics. But they're not actually real laws. They're more like "the best of intentions."

Like human rights, right ? (pun not intended) The human rights are just a way to make nice people sleep better to you ? Are you such a fan of the US government that you forget the stronger is not always right ?

May you take a minute to think about the factor from 150 murders and the thousands of deaths in Iraq ? May you consider the stronger one sometimes just has to remind everyone he is, but not necessarily beating them on the head? That is called "diplomacy" and comes against the "bath of blood" option.

The point is, even here on /., Bush and his fellows made it fine. Everybody is talking about (poor) M Hussein, and almost no-one remenbers all the fuss was about Bin Laden in the first place. Remember the target swapping ? See how the Justice is well done ? When the one who made the WTC fall down and kicked the US ego is free, while the relatively unharmful tyrant who cared about his own business in Iraq is being sentenced to death.

I am really sorry. For Sadam, because I think death penalty cruel and inefficient, for the world because we will soon wipe it away from our memories, for the soldiers and the innocents who died without really knowing for what they gave their lives. To me it all looks like dolls theatre played with people as dolls and cutting the wires by the dozen.

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