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Submission + - First Look: Visual Studio 11 Beta (

snydeq writes: "Tim Anderson provides a first look at the Visual Studio 11 beta, Microsoft's all-encompassing Windows development tool now with Metro support. 'Visual Studio has been gradually reworked in its last few versions so that it's easier to extend and modernize its user interface. Now with version 11, Microsoft has given Visual Studio a Metro makeover in keeping with the new style of Windows,' Anderson writes. 'Behind its gray face Visual Studio 11 packs in a ton of new features. Metro development is the most obvious, and considering that the platform is new in Windows 8, the developer tools are impressive.'"

Submission + - EA Is The Worst Company In America (

Mr_Blank writes: After more than 250,000 votes, Consumerist readers ultimately decided that the type of greed exhibited by EA is worse than Bank of America's avarice. Game-players have voted to send a message to Electronic Arts and the gaming business as a whole: Stop treating your loyal customers like crap... There have even been numerous accusations that EA and its ilk deliberately hold back game content with the sole intent of charging a fee for it at a later date. It's one thing to support a game with new content that is worth the price. It's another to put out an inferior — and occasionally broken — product...

Submission + - Google Embraces Thermal Storage in Data Centers (

1sockchuck writes: Google has announced plans to use a thermal storage system for the first time in its new data center in Taiwan.Thermal storage systems typically use ice or liquid coolant that can be chilled and then used in heat exchange systems. The systems "charge" by running chillers overnight when power rates are cheaper, and then supplementing cooling systems during peak daytime hours. A number of other data centers are already using this strategy.

Submission + - French Deputy Aims to Block Porn At ISP Level (

Alarash writes: French Deputy Christian Vanneste wants to submit a law (Google translation) where French Internet users would have to explicitly ask their ISP not to block pornographic websites. He claims it's to protect the children because parental control software "doesn't work" and is "easy to disable." He also says that pornography is a "form of terrorism." Mr Vanneste has been condemned to a 3000€ fine in 2006 for claiming during a Parliament session that "homosexuality is a threat to humanity" and is "morally inferior to heterosexuality." His official blog cannot be reached at the moment.

Apple Bans Online Sales In Japan 237

siddesu writes "Large retail stores in Japan were ordered a week ago to stop selling Apple products online (Google translation; Japanese original). The comments in the Japanese business newspapers suggest that Apple believes online shopping confers an aura of 'cheapness' on its products; but surely killing the Apple store's competition must have entered into the calculation. As of today, most of the largest retailers have notices on their Apple catalog pages asking you to visit the shop if you want to acquire a piece of magic. It seems that for the moment the campaign is aimed at the big fish, as smaller shops still seem to be selling Apple products."

New Russian Weapon Hides In Shipping Container 618

shmG writes "A Russian company is marketing a devastating new cruise missile system that can be hidden inside a shipping container, giving any merchant vessel the capability to wipe out an aircraft carrier. Potential customers for the formidable 'Club-K' system include Kremlin allies Iran and Venezuela, say defense experts. They worry that countries could pass on the satellite-guided missiles, which are very hard to detect, to terrorist groups. This is a scary new development in the global arms race that allows for the proliferation of cruise missiles to anyone who will pay for them — even terrorists. This could be the next big thing in strategic weapons, as they can appear anywhere there is a container ship. The company even made a commercial and posted it onto the Internet." The article notes that a Russian defense expert said that "as far as he understood, the Club-K was still at the concept stage."

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