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Comment Re:This is an OS (Score 1) 156

It should also know what version you are running so it can offer updates.

That you choose to install or not.

If and when you choose to update it does need to tell Microsoft what packages (of Microsoft origin, not elsewhere) it has so that the appropriate updates can be installed. I do believe that the correct default option is for it to check for updates; many end users will not initiate update checks by themselves. If an update is needed: a red flag in a notification area should be shown; maybe getting bigger the longer that it is not clicked on -- but always performing an update is the user's choice.

Comment Both (Score 1) 118

The IT people are the one who understand the issues and can put things in place.

The C-suites must give the IT people the budget and the power - including telling C-suites that they cannot run their favourite games on corporate equipment.

In the event of a problem the C-suites must be the ones who are blamed, even if the IT people screw up (as they should have checked what they were being told by IT). This is the only way that there is a hope in hell that we might get close to getting this nailed.

This is one thing that Trump appears to be getting right. The latest draft of his Cyber security Executive Order puts the chief exec's butt on the line [ S1 (c) (i) ]. Let us hope that this is what he orders.

Comment Some numeric values and basic concepts (Score 3, Insightful) 611

8 bits can store +-127, 16 bits can store +-32,767 (OK: add 1 to the absolute for negative numbers). 32 bits can store +-2,000,000,000 (well, a bit more), 3600 seconds in an hour, 86400 seconds in a day.

I find that some programmers only have a hazy idea what is meant by a 32 bit or 64 bit machine. These are fundamental, but they somehow get jobs not knowing the basics.

Comment Re:until IoT manufacturers bother to properly secu (Score 3, Interesting) 53

The only way of fixing this is to make the high street retailer liable for the damage (including clean up costs) for IoT device failures like this. The liability should be statutory, ie the householder/college/... would not have to show negligence, just that a device installed as per reasonable instructions had this failure. These devices should also have support (eg easy to apply software updates), this support should be for the reasonable expected lifetime of the device; which for something like a light sensor would be 20-40 years, not the paltry year or two that you get with most e-bling these days.

Making the manufacturer liable would not work, many of them are in other countries (eg China) and it would be too difficult for Joe Sixpack/Aunt Tilley to make a complaint - ie sue them. The retailer is in your country, a statutory liability would ensure that their buying departments do appropriate checks and arrange suitable long term support; then arrange insurance in case the manufacturer goes out of business or fails to deliver.

"Oh No!" I hear cries "this will make my IoT toys more expensive!". Please consider the cost of not doing this, not just immediate damage but the cost of employing a builder to replace the light-sensor/e-switch/central-heating/...

Comment Translation (Score 4, Interesting) 68

Although we have lots of money and good prospects in our new products we don't want to pay our bills to our old suppliers. So we will shaft our old suppliers by getting out of paying them by using Chapter 11 financial magic. The following was not said: and management will be able to award itself bumper bonuses next year as a result.

Comment Yawn (Score 1) 1560

I switched on the radio to hear the evening PM programme (I live in the UK). It was wall to wall Trump; a live broadcast of the choreographed event - public spectacle, not news. Have any more been found alive after that avalanche in Italy, what is happening in The Gambia, ... ?

I'm not anti Trump, nor particularly for him. The news was when he was elected, today was just some pomp and ceremony - but not news.

Comment What is this about ''for kids'' ? (Score 4, Informative) 95

Something like this is needed for every site for adults, most of who cannot be bothered to read any ToS and would not understand them if they did. Hell: I suspect a lot of adults would still not remember much about a ToS written like this even if you could persuade them to read it.

This written by someone who does read ToS and frequently refuses to use a service as a result.

Comment Re:Remote monitoring is insecure ... (Score 1) 163

Why would he need to bypass encryption ? He has access to the servers to which your power usage data was uploaded. All he then needs to do is to write a bit of SQL/... and print some addresses that he gives to his mate with the crow bar - Burglar Bill. It matters not how secure the Smart meter is, nor how well encrypted the data upload is; the data will end up on a server that someone will be able to query. Given how well (ahem) many corporates seem to protect customer data I would expect to see some of this grabbed by a cracker and put up for sale.

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