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Comment Twice yearly roll out of incompatibilities - 1 (Score 1) 60

Written in bits - too much and a stupid lameness filter stops it.

Now that Microsoft has got a large number of machines being upgraded when it wants it can start to roll out code that breaks other systems; be they those who are still running old versions of Microsoft Windows (ie not 10) or those who run non Microsoft operating systems or applications. Eg Linux and LibreOffice. They roll out applications that handle a new file or wire protocol in March and then make it default in September, removing use of old protocols next March.

Comment ''Difficult to track'' (Score 4, Interesting) 85

when they give a 'phone number for the mark to call ??? With all the resources that the NSA, GCHQ, FBI, ... have finding where that number goes to is going to be well within their abilities. That they are not finding and nailing these crooks demonstrates that they are not interested in protecting the public. It is not as if the cost to the public is small, the BBC claims £10.9bn a year (just in the UK). So: one has to ask what are those clowns doing with all they money that they soak up ? Who's interests are they protecting? It does not seem to be you or me!

Comment Re:Remember, this is "weak" AI (Score 1) 237

The difference is that an AI will have been trained to look for certain important things (like street signs) and ignore everything else - it just does not have the processing capacity to take in the whole scene. A human also looks for the important things and will make similar mistakes, however s/he will then ponder what this strange triangular, red & white object is ... and quickly realise that it is a street sign to which an advert for a disco has been attached ... then act on the street sign. However if the scenery is complicated (think: dark, windy, rainy) and it is much harder (== more brain power needed) to find the basics then humans will miss things as well; impaired humans also make mistakes (think: alcohol, tiredness).

Comment Re:Testing, Testing (Score 5, Interesting) 174

I worked on ICL system 4 mainframes, we had a couple of these printers. A friend looked up the order of characters on the chain and printed a file with that on many lines. So all the hammers went forwards at once, then nothing, ... next line, all the hammers at once, ... He actually got the printer to rock forwards and back a little!

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