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Comment Re:A ton of money is... (Score 1) 203

US penny issued after 1984 weights 2.5g ~ 0.0881849049 oz.
2000 lbs ~ 362873.89589281056195820652293973 pennies = $3,628.74.
A ton of money indeed.

Funny how you had to convert from metric system to imperial twice because you could not multiply by one million (1t = 1000 kg = 1000 * 1000g).

Comment Problem + problem = solution (Score 2, Interesting) 563

Problem #1: Users use simple, easy-to-guess passwords.
Problem #2: Users write hard and long passwords down.
Solution: Let users' passwords be "AB", where A is long and hard string, written down and posted to their computer, and B is a small and short string.

1. The result is easy to remember;
2. The resulting password "jH329J#nBmbottle" is very secure from bruteforce attacks;
3. The resulting password is secure from local co-workers attacks, because the evil-doer won't know part B;
4. In case someone was hired and could have left will all parts A written down, you can simply change parts A for all users, and they will hardly even notice.

Did I miss anything?

Comment Re:Megacorps (Score 1) 300

A government is geographically limited. A big business can set up wherever it wants and, if sufficiently powerful, have its rules supersede the local laws. In many places in the world, corporations are more overtly powerful than governments.

Wait, so is the U.S. a corporation now or what?

Comment Re:No crap! (Score 1) 350

Say you catch a guy with something and they have a trial. And the judge asks for the evidence to be presented. Well. Yeah they need a copy of that in initial scan.

You don't even have to watch Law and Order to know that shit.

Um, no.
After the scanned image shows danger, the operator pushes big red button with huge "ALARM" written on it and the security officers do a complete search of the person in question, having at least two witnesses nearby. They document everything they have found and use THAT as an evidence.
A shitty image of shitty quality can not be a serious evidence anyway.

Comment Re:VAC (Score 1) 203

First of all, there are three users grayed out. Are they playing? No. Why are they on the first page?

Anyway, let's assume you're correct.
If some players are non-playing/away/offline, then they don't really count towards our "what game a user plays" statistics, right?
So currently out of 18 online and playing users, 11 are playing MW2.

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