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Comment Re:Using Javascript (Score 1) 122

...nobody, including yourself, has any idea what you mean when you use the term.

Nonsense, I understood him perfectly. He said "refactor" and he meant "code thrash."

And he's partially right; if you're engaging in code thrash, and think it is called refactoring, then you'll benefit from a language with more hand-holding.

Comment Re:Why move to hangouts? (Score 1) 68

The only thing moving out of hangouts is the carrier SMS. If you use phone company SMS, then that moves out of Hangouts because google never tamed the carriers and their insane requirements.

Everything else is still moving into hangouts. If you're using google voice SMS then it still stays in Hangouts.

If you want Hangouts stuff to move somewhere else, you'll have to give them another year or two to enhance the thrash plan.

Comment Re:I wish it were a google earth layer. Also, fail (Score 1) 36

They're using arcgis, same as every other government mapping website. During peak hours it is sometimes a little slow, but mostly it works fine. It isn't a different speed than other things, though.

When I was panning the map around, it all loaded very quickly; certainly more quickly than that other mapping company with all the letters.

Comment Re:Smart people (Score 1) 250

HR's job is to protect the company from the employee. If that makes HR the friend of the employee depends somewhat on the amount of loyalty the employee has. If the employee and the employer are friends, and even teammates, then HR surely is the employees friend and teammate.

Not that that describes most of the workplaces I've seen, but there is no law of physics preventing it.

Comment Re:Please stop (Score 1) 250

If you were a sysadmin and saw the shit people say in IRC while at work, you might have a different perspective! People say that shit even when they know all their network traffic is logged, imagine what they say to her when she's cornered in the break room with nobody else there!

If only programmers were a bunch of laughing happy buddha bros, if only!

Comment Re:Prove it! (Score 1) 250

So, when somebody points out that more women used to get more tech degrees than do now, your response is that it is because in the good ole days women were at home raising families.

That is so fucking stupid, man. So fucking stupid.

You probably don't even realize it. You'll even say things that stupid as long as it seems to shade or obscure your emasculated overcompensating sexism.

Did it ever occur to you that being at home raising families might have actually gotten in the way of having tech careers, and that it no possible way could account for there having also been a higher percent of women in these jobs then than there are now?

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