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Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 265

Right, that's normal; people who affected at all are generally affected dramatically. So it can be self-tested with a challenge test; check your BP, eat something salty, test it again. If it is close to normal, then reducing it probably will not improve outcomes. If it spikes, then reducing it probably will improve outcomes.

It is easy to convince people that different people have different needs, but it is harder to convince people to use evidence to decide what their personal needs are. People think about having different needs and instantly turn to their subjective feelings, which isn't what the lesson is at all. There is a tendency to stay all the way to one side or the other of reality.

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 265

Not just more salt; the Japanese have the #1 highest salt intake in the world. And the longest lifespans. And then people presume they must have a genetic protection, but that study has been done, they don't.

On an individuals basis each of these things does trade off causes, so whatever your personal higher risks are should be important.

Comment Re:Ensuring Their Own Demise? (Score 2) 194

Other news claims that writers are mad because their incomes went down, because TV "seasons" are shorter now.

If seasons are shorter, AND that has lead to decreased annual pay, THEN we know that more writers are getting paid! Because there aren't less total episodes being filmed, there are just more different shows, each with less episodes.

You're not missing anything, they're talking out at least three sides of their mouths.

Comment Re:Like and unlike before (Score 1) 194

That's one thing India can't provide us, Bollywood isn't allowed to use crass sexualization or show a lot of skin. Why does Bollywood have a musical dance number every other scene? Because if they're dancing, they're allowed to lift their dress up to 17mm above the ankle! If they're not singing and dancing, no side-ankle for you!

Same reason China can't do it.

We're going to need H1-Bs from Poland and Bulgaria. All you have to do to convert popular Polish or Bulgarian scripts for the US market is indicate that the actors should put on some underwear or swimwear.

Comment Re:TV show writers on strike. So? (Score 1) 194

The UK formula works pretty well; even if you paid the actors millions of pounds, they're only allowed 20 pence per day for production expenses. If it wasn't in the prop room when you wrote the script, you're going to be at work all weekend with the cardboard and crayons.

They end up having no choice but to provide content within the words spoken and physical actions of the actors.

If it is a really popular show like Mr Bean with only 1 regular actor, then they afford to film 5 minutes of each episode outdoors.

Comment Re:Writers Should Take Care. (Score 1) 194

Hah. You think they will be replaced with people who can actually write?

I don't, but I do think they will be replaced by corporate middlemen (corporations can't join unions) and the credit will go to the writers brand instead of to the writer, and since the writers all suck pretty bad none of them will be able to make any demands. And these companies (that are the new writers) will hire the humans as contractors under NDA, and they not only won't be able to strike, they won't even be allowed to complain in public.

If we're lucky, a minority of writers will create a new guild or union that only lets in good writers, and they'll create a premium collective brand but still give writing credit to individual writers. Those shows will only be on premium delivery channels.

Comment Re:Nothing, nothing happens (Score 1) 194

Wait until they find out that the same show on Netflix has the same writers and the same strike as it does on cable!

There are huge advantages to not watching TV, but most of them require also not watching TV.

If they're only trimming the advertising, they're at least slightly reducing the garbage inputs.

Comment Re:What happens? (Score 1) 194

I Love Lucy was 1950s. You can tell because domestic violence was still "in." It was cut in 1957.

Then Leave It To Beaver went from `57-63, a wholesome interstitial period before the sexual revolution. Domestic violence was still popular, but there was at least enough shame to keep it out of television.

Eventually there was Star Trek, which was the 1960s in full miniskirted glory.

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